Hill Repeats and a Stone Named Ebenezer

    • When: 10/23/2018
    • QIC: Walker
    • The PAX: Shrute, Smokey, Jester, Pescador, Ryder, Blue Print, Sandlot, Cocktail, Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Hot Spot, Big Fundamental, Walker

13 men rose from the fartsack on this cool morning for some running around The Rock.  Seven brothers hung with me for hill repeats while the other brothers continued with their training schedule for an upcoming marathon race.  For those that hung with me, here’s what we did:

Warmup:  25 in cadence SSH and then a slow mosey down India Hook to the Westminster Presbyterian Church parking lot.

Workout:  Ran 5 hill repeats at the first entrance to the parking lot, proceeded to the 2nd entrance and ran 5 more hill repeats.  20 count rest and then moseyed to Oakland Baptist Church.  Once there, ran 5 more hill repeats on  Alexander Rd. which is adjacent to the church.  After this series of repeats, we did a bit of ab work in front of the church with in cadence flutter kicks, in cadence Freddie Mercury’s, and heels six inches off the ground.  We than ran up Ebenezer Rd, and hung a right on Herlong Avenue back to the AO.  I didn’t clock the mileage but I think I overheard Smokey say it was in the 5 mile range for total mileage.

Moleskin:  I’ve been reading 1 Samuel recently, and I shared with the PAX the account given in Chapter 7 concerning Samuel’s prayer and sacrifice on behalf of Israel which led to the defeat of their arch enemies, the Philistines.  Once Israel gained the victory, Samuel erected a stone as a memorial to God to remind the people of Israel how God had helped them in their time of need.  He named the stone “Ebenezer” which means “stone of help”.  I think we also would do well to establish memorials to God (not to be confused with idols) to remind us how good God is and how He has helped us in the past, is presently helping us, and will help us in the future. I suggested to the PAX that we  establish Ebenezer Rd. In Rock Hill as a memorial to God.  Whenever we traverse that road (while running, biking, riding in a vehicle, etc.), we consciously remember how good God is and how He helps us throughout our lives.  From now on, whenever I traverse that road, I will make it a point at some time to remember God and His help in my life.  I hope the brothers in Rock Hill will follow suit.

COT:  We closed with announcements and prayers.  Please read the Newsletter.  As always, it’s a privilege to lead such fine HIMs during a workout.  Thanks to Big Fundamental for the opportunity to lead.

Walker Out!


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