The JOC got a taste of PHOP today

    • When: 10/24/18
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: 10 Pax on Hand at the JOC for words on The Importance of Failure in Leadership and a PHOP style Gear work out......IF YOU CAN’T GET TO PHOP- PHOP WILL GET TO YOU.....

Gold Plate ?brought Gear to the JOC. Surprise surprise. Words from Q Source on the Necessity of Failure in building leadership skills. Warm ups consisted of stretches, ? pickers, windmills, Morrocans, 10 ct SSH & 1 Burpee. Short mosey with brief stop for 15 SSH & 2 Burpees. Mosey some more then 20 SSH and a Cindy Plank Circle. 10 merkins & plank shift over several Cindy’s   15 shoulder taps- shift- 10 dry docks- shift-10 plank jacks. Quick 10 ct then repeat shoulder taps and plank jacks. 20 SSH. Mosey some more to next Cindy Circle. More SSH then 10 ct Cindy swings- curls-presses-squats-Flutter w/ press-American Hammers w/ Cindy- finally allowed Cindy’s to touch ground…more SSH. Mosey to run stairs at bleachers in the dark. More SSH then mosey to other bleachers and of course run those too- they were there anyhow. Short mosey for 80 ct circle up calf lifts then 15 big boy sit ups – Navy Seal Style- Arms locked. The short mosey for suicides with LOTS of coupons such as multiple 30lb Rucks- sand bag- football- bucket- set of hand trucks- kettle bell & a ? Hose. Then mosey back to COT w/ all coupons. Then Finish ? with final words on Failure

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