Phop – 77!

    • When: 10/24/18
    • QIC: Pacman
    • The PAX: Taken, Slim Jim(FNG), Rooster, Van Damme, Bill Nye, Pacman,

6 Total showed up for some cinder block fun in the chill air.

Circle up gave the disclaimer had one FNG and away we go!

SSH, Windmills, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Imperial Walkers

Grab the Cindy and did the following 15 reps each

Curls, Ovhehead Press, Tricep Extensions Then Rinse and repeat

Moseyed over to one wall on the shed and found out it was way too slippery so we found a block wall on the church.

With our blocks in peoples chair did 15 curls then balls to the wall rinsed and repeated.

next we did 5 donkey kicks then balls to the wall for 5 seconds then 10 donkey kicks and bttw to for 10 then 15 donkey kicks and 15 bttw.

Afterward we did some Tammy Wynette’s or Stand by Your Man.  Partner up on partner one does squats, partner two does merkins, do 10 reps together at the same speed and then swap.  We did for 200 total reps so 100 merkins and 100 squats. I skipped 77 and 177 for some reason as I think Lucky Charm may have created a mental block for the number at Iron Academy for me!! 🙂

Grabbed the cindys and head back over to the parking lot

First round Hairburners from one side of the lot to the next, second round lunge lunge burpee, third round crab/bear walk, fourth round lt dan.

circle up for block webs to finish the day and then clean up followed by COT.

It’s an honor to lead the men at PHOP as i am on FIA’d status most wednesdays but it’s good to sneak out of the fart sack when i can to see my brothers.  Pacman out!

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