Cones of Terror (insert Evil laugh here)

    • When: 10/27/2018
    • QIC: Cornerstone
    • The PAX: Pacman, Stang, Red October, Apache, Whitney, Pot Roast, Limp Bizkit, Twister, Catfish, Peach

PATRIOT 10/27/2018
YHC pulled up with only 15 minutes to set up and it
was pitch black out. I was not sure if I was going to
make it to COP on time. Made it with 3 minutes to
spare. Glad to see some HIMs there.

COP- disclaimer
Talked about the need to count during cadence
I post in The Rock, The Fort and Lake Wylie. I have
noticed that we have gotten away from the
counting with only a few PAX counting during cadence.
It helps the Q when we all count and reinforce
that new PAX are included and will have the support
when they start to Q. Getting back to the Basics

Warm up
15 – Windmills
15 – Imperial Walkers
20 – Moroccan Nightclubs
Then mosey to the corner of the school
30 count people’s chair
Balls to the wall 10 count
20 count people’s chair
Balls to the wall 10 count
Mosey to the corner parking
30 – Moroccan Nightclubs
Mosey into cherry park to the lower field
down the steps.

The Thing
YHC gave directions split in 2 groups
One cone in middle 3 cones spread out. on the left 3
cones spread out on the right. Both groups starts at
the middle cone Preform the exercises run to the
1st cone. Then run up the steps back to middle cone
perform exercise then to the 1st cone then to the 2nd
cone rinse and repeat till all 3 cones and running the
steps every time. Plank for the six then switch sides.

Middle cone Burpees – 5

Left side.                                      Right side.
1. Merkins -20                            1. Monkey Humpers – 20
2. CDD – 15                                 2. Lunges – 20
3. Inch worm merkins -10       3. Squats – 30

We took a quick breather while YHC talked about
The word of the month Fairness and read Matthew 20
1-16 The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.
We mosey to the other cones set up for some 4
corners. Counted off by fours. 3 times around all the
cones. Mode of transportation 1st round lunge walk.
2nd round Lt. Dan’s. 3rd round Crawl Bear thanks to
Stang / Omaha after 2 cones to Duck walk.
1st cone – Makhtar N’Diayes
10 – count
15 – count
20 – count
2nd cone – Hand Release Merkins
10 – count
15 – count
20 – count
3rd cone – Big Boy Situps
10 – count
15 – count
20 – count
4th cone – Plank Jacks
10 – count
15 – count
20 – count

With 15 minutes left picked up the cones mosey to the
fence near the road circled up for
20 -cherry pickers.
Mosey to the eden terrace side of the school
Circled up for 40 low slow squats.
Mosey to COT for some Sally except we did LBC
instead of merkins.

Prayers and announcements.

YHC on Q
Red October
Pac man
Pot roast
Once again it has been a pleasure to LEAD a great
group of HIM’s thanks

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