And the Marathon Training continues! 5 more weeks!

    • When: 11/1/2018
    • QIC: Slow Pitch
    • The PAX: Schrute, Ponytail, Iron sights, Riddler

Another fine morning in the Gloom for a few miles. I pulled into the Sullivan parking lot with a few minutes to spare and there were 7 other pax ready to either hit the track or head out on the Wally World run. I had looked at the last couple of Wally World runs and decided to head towards a spot that hadn’t been ran – at least not since September 27th when Wally and Falcon combined.

5am rolled in and we were off. Penny Pincher, Rebourne, and Walker headed toward the track and we took off down Eden Terrace

The route planned was a little over a 5.5 mile loop. Some laps around the Sullivan Parking lot for everyone to hit 6+ miles, I think Riddler and Iron Sights got 7+.

Fun times had by all – nice conversational pace! We all are training for Kiawah so it was good to hear from everyone and their stories, both good and bad about marathon training. I for one have both good and bad days and sometimes wonder why the heck am I doing this but then days like today make it enjoyable again, running with my brothers in the gloom. Thanks for joining me.

The Route

Slow Pitch out

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