• When: 11/01/18
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Wally World-Ponytail (R), Schrute, Slow Pitch, The Riddler, Iron Sights; Falcon-0-Walker (R), Penny Pincher, Reborn

It was an honor to be asked by Penny Pincher to lead our Region’s only track workout on this beautiful morning. 5 HIMs decided to go off with the Wally World QIC, Slow Pitch, and 2 HIMs decided to stick it out with YHC.


I had previously asked all of the PAX to be at the AO early enough to get some stretching in. So, at 0500 we ran a warmup mile and once the 6 was in, we did some dynamic stretching.


When Penny Pincher asked YHC to Q at Falcon-0 this week, I requested that he let me know what had not been done recently at this AO. Well he suggested either 1600 or 3600 M runs at 5K or 10k paces. So we did the following:

1-1600 M run at 5K pace, then a 400 M recovery; 1-3600 M run at 10K pace and a 400 M recovery; 1-1600 M run at 5K pace and a half mile recovery/cooldown.


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