Bible and Biscuits @ RH Diner

    • When: 11/02/18
    • QIC: Goldplate
    • The PAX: Smiley Face, Old School, Chuckie, Lucky Charm, Twister, White Hat, Beatle Bailey, River Rat and GoldPlate,

GoldPlate was the QIC today at Bibles & Biscuits for a personal & deep discussion on Gratitude-The Word of the Month. The conversation started that we all have countless things to be grateful for, our M, our 2.0’s and the list goes on. However we also have Gratitude for people/events in our Lives that in many ways have profoundly changed each of us; AND- have we shown Gratitude towards those impactful people either through spoken or written word. GoldPlate kicked off the conversation by sharing  very personal stories about his youth and how a few people in their own unknowing or subtle ways impacted his Life and how that helped shaped who he is today.  Each HIM present then shared his own DEEPLY impactful story and his personal “Gratitude”  for those involved.


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