F3 Eagles Nest: Riddler Does More Than Running

    • When: 11/06/18
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: The Riddler, Pink Panther, Gold Plate, White Hat

It was a nice and dreary morning out at Eagles Nest. The day before at Old Town I tweaked my Calf Muscle in my left leg and was quite worried about my ability to Q at Eagles Nest. The only problem was that I had missed my last two Q’s at previous locations due to being forgetful…. So I had to make it.

I arrived a little early to get in my prerun of 3.1 miles so I could ignore my rule of having to get a 5K in during the workout.


Well we got started with some simple stretching

Merkins Slow – 10

Forearm Stretches

Then off to the next location the clock tower at Winthrop. Gold Plate led us in the pledge at the flag. Thanks Goldplate for leading that for us.

The Thang

Then we were off to Burns Auditorium to start the actual workout

10 merkins up each step to the top = 60 merkins

Then back down to the bottom Left Side Merkins Each Step = 60 more merkins

Repeat with the Right side up the steps = 60 more merkins

Then back to the bottom of the steps and back up with 10 toe taps at each step. The steps were a lot more narrow then I expected!

Off to the next item on my list the rolling merkin dip-a-thon. We found a nice sidewalk and spun all the way down doing dips and merkins. We probably added about 15 more merkins to the account.

Over to the backside of winthrop we made our way to the Street lights by the tracks. We alternated between but kickers, and side shuffles until we got there.

Once we had arrived on the correct street we did a variation of Butt Kickers, Side Shuffles and NUR to each post. At each post we alternated between merkins and squats. Added about 50 more merkins to the mix and about 40 squats.

We then made it to the stairs behind the gym, it has a perfect cross section of stairs, so we split up into two groups. At the bottom squats at the top merkins. So we started with 10 squats at the bottom, then ran up the stairs 10 merkins. We did that until we reached 1, subtracting one from the bottom and the top. Gold Plate Showed Out and started crushing it, pink panther tweaked his ankle, and White Hat didn’t say much.

Added 55 More merkins

We continued our mosey down to the loading dock

Did a 25 count of Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Then Balls to the Wall with a Pink Panther ten count that was more like a 30 count. I showed the Bat Hang on the wall.

With time to spare we went to the court yard steps

Ten merkins on each step for the next four flights of steps, we began to wear down towards the top, and switched to toe taps for the last two sets of steps

added an additional 120 merkins

Then it was back to the AO start right on time at 6am! With 420 merkins on our bodies I am sure we were all feeling it!

I spoke to goals, setting them and helping others accomplish their goals as well! 2019 will be a better year if you set your eyes on the Lord first and allow him to guide you through the goals he has on your life!

Prayers for Whitehat’s GodDaughter who’s is currently in from college.

Thanks to the three men that showed up this morning!


See ya next time

– The Riddler

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