Gratitude at the JOC

    • When: 11/07/2018
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: River Rat, Kenyan, Sir Purr, Magic Mike, Zebco (FNG), Darth, Snap-On, Smiley Face

Boom…ain’t nothing for Fellini and Magic Mike to set you up for a Q at the JOC…Best sunrise in the city baby! Little did I know I would be nursing the recovery of a tweaked calf and hip muscle but a week and two days of Humpty Dumpty had me back in the saddle again. Arrived early for a short pre-run with Magic Mike and Snap-On and felt awesome…so let the pain begin. It was an honor to Q with Darth’s son Bo attending his first F3 AO. The mission was stated and the five core principles reviewed. Both Magic Mike and Darth advised they had to bail early so we did our COT at the beginning of the beat down.

Warm Up


15 Merkins IC

15 Mt. Climbers IC

15 Plank Jacks IC


15 IW IC

15 HW IC


Mosey down and around to the flag pole where Darth led us in the pledge.

Gratitude for a country where we can choose our leaders by voting and regardless of our preference the love of God and the love of our neighbor as we love ourselves will minimize the rhetoric that predominates the space we call “Social Media”.

4 teams of 2 established with 1 team running, 1 team holding the people’s chair with arms around the flag pole, 1 team dipping and erkining at the picnic tables and 1 team calf raising against the wall. Rotate to each station as each team finished a run. Rinse and Repeat. We lost Magic Mike about this time as he had a kitten in a tree issue. You will have to ask him for details. Two minutes later Darth had to bail with our FNG Zebco, just before we hit 4 corners.

Corner 1 10 Squats IC

Corner 2 10 Flying Squirrels Single Count

Corner 3 10 Merkins IC

Corner 4 10 Bobby Hurleys Single Count

Advised remaining PAX that they had just performed 10 deconstructed burpees and I was proud of them.

An awesome Apache 10 count by Kenyan…from the heart and vulnerable as he expressed just how much F3 can support a man during life. Love this guy.

Next exercise is….10 burpees OYO.

Rinse and repeat 4 corners with a 5 count.

Next exercise is ….5 burpees OYO.

Recovery from Humpty Dumpty appears solid. Quick run to AO and boom we were off to do our daily duties.

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