Only the Site Q was surprised at the Patriot

    • When: 12/15/18
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: Slow Pitch, Peach, Red October & Gold Plate

Red October had forgotten he had me on the schedule to Q and put out a pre blast announcing a “surprise Q”.

All Counts today were double counts……….

Warm up R/L & L/R. 10 ct Cherry Pickers, 10 ct windmill, 10 ct Morrocans and 25 ct rapid fire SSH. Short mosey to some wall for 15 ct Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes & 10 ct Australian Mnt Climbers. 1/4 mile mosey to Cherry Park for 10 ct SSH and start the 1st circuit. ……….7/10 of a mile & 22 signs (2 burpees at each sign/marker) later around Cherry Park we discovered pre positioned Cindys at the entrance to Cherry Park…..the fun started.. 10 ct Curls, OH Presses, Squats, Triceps and 20 ct flutters w/ OH Press, LBC’s and 20 ct Am Hammers with Cindys…Repeated the curls, OH Press, Squats and triceps with a 15 ct each….Then Circuit # 2….a .5 mile mosey to the new school at Sullivan- while on the way stopping at each sign for 5 squats each. Probably did approx 125+ squats..thanks to Peach for pointing out a sign on the new bathrooms but I pointed back that he missed 4 additional signs on the same building…….at the Cherry Park Emersion School we did the Pledge….. Close by were more small brick Cindy’s…the following occurred. 25 dbl count Plank shoulder taps each shoulder using a Cindy. 25 dbl Plank Jacks, 25 dbl Carolina Dry docks & 25 dbl Morrocan night clubs with a Cindy….then a 1/4 mile mosey back to the AO for the final circuit #3………Each PAX carried either a 35 lb sand bag, Fire Hose, 6″ x 6″ post & a 4″ x 4″ post. did 4 laps around the parking lot switching Coupons at each lap so each PAX got a Taste…The final lap was a speed lap…Once the coupons were back in their Barn, the Q was ready to call it with 2 minutes to spare..But decided that everyone had paid for a FULL 60 MINUTES.. so Flutter Kicks were called and started….at approx dbl ct of 17, PEACH commented that he liked Flutters because they were easy…….so the Q/Me/Gold Plate took us to 50 and time expired……….Small work out groups equal great fellowship……….Fun was had by ALL……….Thanks….

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