The Rock Region Introduces QSource Grinders

    • When: 01/03/2019
    • QIC: Smiley Face and Pescador
    • The PAX: All PAX Invited!

Q – A leader who takes responsibility for the outcome. 

QSourceThe wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise virtuous leadership.

GrinderA periodic, purposeful and proximate meeting between the members of a group to accelerate effectiveness.

Men of Rock Hill,

As a leader it is my responsibility to apply the mission of F3 and maintain a 43 Feet attitude otherwise known as building a leadership road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it. When I evaluate the goal of The Veteran in exposing our PAX to the QSource, defined as the wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise, I do not see Virtuous Leadership, I do not see a 43 Feet success. As a result many of our PAX are not exposed to the wisdom of the QSource.

Because of this, I am compelled to call an Omaha regarding current QSource format! The Rock Hill QSource will steal a page out of the MeCa playbook by hosting QSource Grinders. A Grinder is defined as, “A Purposeful and Proximate meeting between the members of a Group to Accelerate Effectiveness.” Grinders will be held after the Manu and Tavern AO’s at Panera Bread and Eggs Up Grill respectively beginning January 3, 2019 from 6:15-6:45. We will be resetting with the entire F3 Nation.  I will be the Site Q for the Panera Bread QSource Grinder and Jeb Carlisle aka Pescador will stepping up and leading as Site Q for the Eggs Up Grill QSource Grinder.

So…Are you a leader…Are you ready to take your leadership potential to the next level? Within F3, a leader is called the “Q,” which is a man who takes responsibility for the outcome. Because F3 is an organization OF leaders rather than an organization WITH leaders, every man is asked and expected to be a Q, both within F3 and in the other groups he is privileged to influence (i.e. his family, workplace, community, etc.). This call to leadership is integral to F3’s Mission, which is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male community leadership.

To that end, F3 Nation’s co-founder and current Nantan, Dave “Dredd” Redding, has invested the past several years putting together QSource, the “F3 Manual Of Leadership.” You can hear Dredd share the vision for it on this F3Nation Podcast. While the QSource content is freely available online and can be studied solo, these topics are most transformative when discussed in a group setting. On Thursday, 1/3/19, Rock Hill will launch the QSource Grinders in order to provide the men of Rock Hill with this unique opportunity to spur one another on in their leadership development process!

The Purpose of the QSG is, as the definition states above, to provide a periodic, purposeful and proximate meeting opportunity between the men of F3 to accelerate effectiveness. The leadership content of QSource contains five Foundation topics followed by four distinct Quadrants of Leadership – Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, and Leave Right  – which are expounded upon through a series of QPoints. Each QSG will cover one QPoint, moving sequentially in the order they are listed. QSource Grinders…

  1. Are open to ALL men of F3.
  2. Last 30 minutes.
  3. Will take place every Thursday of each month at two different Rock Hill locations, although this is subject to change if the PAX choose to add more QSGs. The initial two QSGs are proximate to and following the morning beat downs at Manu and Tavern respectively.
  4. Peer-led. Like our F3 workouts, each QSG needs a Q to facilitate the discussion. A Q’s Guide to QSource has been created to help Qs prepare for each meeting.
  5. Slides to assist you in your QSG can be found here > QSG Q Slides Find the slides for your QSG Q, print, and use for group discussion! Even I can do this!

Lastly, remember this…While our workouts are great, they are means to an even greater end – to invigorate ourselves and other men to grow as leaders within our spheres of influence. To that end I challenge you to join your F3 brothers for the next QSource Grinder!

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