Update to The Veteran

    • When: 01/04/19
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: All PAX

Men of Rock Hill,

As a leader it is my responsibility to apply the mission of F3 and maintain a 43 Feet attitude otherwise known as building a leadership road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it. When I evaluate the goal of The Veteran in exposing our PAX to the QSource, defined as the wisdom from which the Q draws to exercise, I do not see Virtuous Leadership, I do not see a 43 Feet success. As a result many of our PAX are not exposed to the wisdom of the QSource. Additionally, when I evaluate my fitness acceleration I realize I need something that the Rock Region is missing. An AO that caters to the Clydesdale or new PAX member. With that said, the following major changes will occur regarding The Veteran in 2019. The Veteran started as a running AO and effective January 4, 2019 will return to its roots as a running AO with the following changes:

  • Start Time – 5:15 AM
  • Location – The Fountain in Old Town.
  • Type – Clydesdale Running AO…for those who plod but are driven to improve. For those who seek to improve from a double digit mile pace to a single digit mile pace. For those who are returning from injury and seek to carefully acclimate to their old pace. For the FNG or newbie seeking to improve and finally, for those who see the wisdom of increasing PAX strength and fitness by encouraging and doubling back to pick up the six.
  • The route will travel down North Elizabeth St. to Charlotte Avenue. At any point on the route, depending on pace, endurance, and current fitness level, PAX can turn left on one of the many streets that cut across to Oakland Avenue and head back to the fountain arriving in time for the COT at 6:00 AM. If you reach the AO early you have one more task…Pick Up the Six…encourage…build relationships…be a representative for F3 Rock Hill.
  • One version of the described route for your viewing pleasure:

  • Desired Outcome – The Veteran Pax regluars, as a team, will sign up for and compete in a variety of local 5K or 10K or CSAUPs or P200 team races representing the Rock Region Clydesdale’s. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of options! NOTE: HEADLAMP AND VEST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Aye…Smiley Face J

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