Post Christmas boxing up and taking out the tree

    • When: 12/26/18
    • QIC: Homer
    • The PAX: Bubble Wrap, Homer

2 got out of bed the day after Christmas and made their presence at PHOP.  We began with the selection of 2 bricks per PAX. (They may have well been blocks of ice at this point).  Warmups then consisted of the following exercises while holding said bricks.

Moraccan Night Clubs

Side Straddle Hops

Seal Jack’s

Cherry Pickers (w/o bricks)

Shoulder Taps


Next up we moved to the upper corner of the parking lot for some Lt. Dan’s followed by some old fashioned suicides from curb to curb touching each of the white lines.

We returned to our start point where we did some rhythm boxing on the curb with the bricks in hand.  Pattern was as follows: right punch, left punch, right step/punch, left step/punch, right punch, left punch, right step down/punch, left step down/punch.  Rinse/repeated that a number of times and then did a lap around the property.  On return we did another round of the rhythm boxing.

We then selected 2 portions of telephone pole for each PAX to carry.  This was quickly changed to a partner carry while we rotated shoulders each left turn around the property.  Once the lumber made it’s way around we returned once again to our start point for another round of rthymn boxing and one last mosey around the grounds of PHOP.  The last minutes consisted of plank Jack’s, american hammers, and flutters


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