Pre-Blast: Being a #HIM to those less fortunate.

    • When: 2/1/2019
    • QIC: Chuckie
    • The PAX: Rock Region

This past June YHC had the honor and privilege to take a team of youth and adults on an out of country Mission Experience to Quito, Ecuador for the first time in my life.  It was such an amazing experience so much so that YHC is returning for a week beginning February 1 and returning February 7.  I will be leading another group of youth and adults in June of 2020 for a 10 day Mission Experience in Ecaudor.  I will be returning to the two mission sites that our team was assigned to, which are now family to us.  Our team continues to bear fruit with the people of Carmen Bajo and Gualsaqui communities by sponsoring children in the Carmen Bajo School and also through prayer and making plans for other support as well.

One of the great privileges we have in The United States is free education but that is not so in other countries.  In most other countries to be able to go to school you have to pay for your uniforms, shoes and such to even be accepted into school.  So one of the things I am looking to do  is raise funds to provide shoes for children.  The cost of the shoes for the children in Ecuador is $10 a pair plus uniforms and the average monthly income in Quito, Ecuador is $366.  So you can see why a lot of kids may not get to go to school.  What I am looking to do is raise as much money for shoes (again $10 per pair) to take with me when I go on February 1.  My church is also doing this as well.  It is better to take the money to Ecuador then to ship the shoes due to delays in shipping, sizes of shoes and unfortunately corruption in the customs of the country.

The second thing we are trying to do is collect childrens books in spanish for the Carmen Bajo school.  When we were there in June we had two teachers with us and there were no children’s books in the school for the kids to get excited about reading.  They do have Bibles in Spanish but while the Bible is awesome to read and learn about God and our relationship with Him, it is not a book for kids to learn to read from.  So we are trying to collect children’s books written in Spanish for me to take with me when I leave on February 1.  We are also doing the same thing through our youth group.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.  You can get any donations to Chuckie or Site Q’s and they will get the items to Chuckie.

Thank you.  Grace & peace.


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