A Deck of Cards, Kettlebells, and Honeypot

    • When: 01/08/19
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: HeeHaw, Whitney, Lucky Charm, Destiny, Jelly, Honeypot, Sir Purr, Smiley Face, Polymer, Anchor Bar, SnapOn, Roxanne, Sapper, Filament, Schrute

14 men joined YHC for a little kettlebell action on Tuesday at Iron Academy. I even got Honeypot, the shirtless wonder himself out there.

The workout was simple: The M got me a F3 “Deck of Death” for Christmas. I figured we’d use these, but adapt for kettlebells. The Pax each drew a card and we did the number of reps on the card. We finished right at 6 AM with all 54 cards (including the Jokers) in the deck.

  • Diamonds = Squats
  • Hearts = Lawn Mowers (with each arm)
  • Clubs = Tricep Extensions
  • Spades = Curls (with each arm)
  • Jokers = 5 Man Makers
  • Jack = 10 Dealer’s Choice
  • Queen = 10 Dealer’s Choice Abs
  • King = 10 KB Swings

A few things came out in this…Honeypot loves to pick (as we all know, but the men of Iron Academy may not have experienced). He didn’t take his shirt off, said something about his knee hurting. (not sure how those are related…) He also likes to encourage Burpees for the dealer’s choice. After the first few men took his bait, Filament showed he is a pretty smart dude and called out Imperial Walkers rather than Burpees.

Iron Academy is a fun place. You can get a great workout in, but also get in a ton of 2nd F. As someone who likes to run; you often find yourself slogging miles out and lacking 2nd F. Changing things up and getting to a boot camp or gear workout often leaves me feeling energized and refreshed. The workout is just as difficult (or even more difficult for me); but the fellowship changes everything. I’d challenge all Pax to get out of their comfort zone and go somewhere they usually don’t go. If you’re a guy who thinks running is beyond you, try a running AO. If you’re a guy who likes to run, try a gear AO. If you’re hitting the Boot Camp AOs, try a run or a gear. You’ll be amazed at what happens. If you’re not sure where to start, ask me or any site Q or leadership team member. We’ll help.

Lastly, I challenge each man to think Intentionally about what word you will pursue for 2019. Mine is “choose”. Often,  I’ve let others lead; others be seen, others get out front. That’s fine in certain situations, but shouldn’t be the default. I need to be the change I desire. So I’m choosing to step up in multiple aspects of my life, rather than leave it to chance.


Thanks, Whitney; for the opportunity to Q! See you in the gloom! Aye!

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