Introducing the Squaterpillar and Other Stuff

    • When: 01/22/19
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Polymer, Socrates, River Rat, Tin Cup, Roxanne, Kenyan, Short Circuit, Lucky Charm, Whitney, Filament, Sir Purr, Smiley Face

It was cold…I mean wear your balaclava cold for this old man. So I did a 3 mile pre-run to warm up and prepare my mind and heart for what was to come. I had two things I wanted to unpack…a new “un-named” exercise and a time of letting leaders spend time with leaders. The disclaimer was disclaimed and there were no FNG’s but I did notice a guy that was new to me…just one more thing to unpack.
That Thang

The first exercise is…and the PAX screamed SSH…and I followed with Low Slow Squats. That’s right…I messed them up right from the get go and it was at that point that the PAX mumble started. Oh how I laughed…and they knew this morning might be different.
Right over left and left over right.
Seal Jacks
Bell Work
2 hand curls 20 IC
2 hand triceps extensions 20  IC
John Deere 10 each side IC
Short mosey where I lined the PAX shoulder to shoulder all facing the same way for the un-named exercise. Guy at the end passes the bell then runs to front of line. PAX are all squatting while the bell is passed and PAX mosey to the front. Rinse and repeat then turn the pax to face the other way and go again. Somewhere in the middle of this thigh burner I think Whitney hollered out “The Squaterpillar” and so it was born. Circled PAX up and broke into 4 groups of 3…the goal…perform the 3 bell exercises to fatigue as a group and run a full lot lap as a group. During the process we just get to know each other. Pretty sure we got in about 4 renditions of this but what do I know…I was getting to know my brothers Sir Purr and Polymer. Thank you Polymer for reminding me how powerful it can be to spend a little quality time with the guys we sweat with.

Ended with PAX in a circle bringing in Tin Cup (guy I did not recognize) and Short Circuit. We talked about leadership and how this F3 thing grows and how our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. I asked who brought Short Circuit out, and he pointed Filament out, who I know was brought by Sapper. I then asked Tin Cup who brought him out and he pointed at Short Circuit who may or may not have pointed at Filament (makes for dramatic writing) who pointed over yonder at Sapper because I think Sapper was at another AO (more dramatic writing). I wonder who brought Sapper out and who brought that person out and the enormity of what we are building.  I now know how life changing it is for our Sad Clown persona to “become” a man and it was almost overwhelming to realize how far I have come. Thank you Apache and Bogey for bringing me out. Thank you Senator Tressel for planting the seed years before I swallowed the pill.  And this my friend is how it works…this is why it is important to do what we do…now I know Tin Cup and Short Circuit better than I did and I don’t’ think there is anything better. Thank you White Hat for the reminder that I was the “War Daddy” of the group. I am blessed beyond measure to get to do this with all of you. Remember, on mornings this cold you have to be “Intentional”! With life, you have to be “Intentional”! To be a man, you have to be “Intentional”! Get Some!

🙂 Out

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