The train arrived at Bunker Hill

    • When: 01/23/19
    • QIC: Choo Choo (VQ) & Toot Toot
    • The PAX: PCH, Vandam, Sapper, Filament, Sneeder, Choo Choo, Toot Toot

PCH mentioned to YHC the week prior that his next scheduled Q had a conflict and needed to find a replacement. I asked Choo Choo if he wanted to Q with me and he agreed!

7 PAX showed up: 6 did some boot while 1 rucked around YPA

The Warmup: 10 each of Goofballs, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, and SSH (can’t forget SSH)

Mosey to picnic table area for part 1 led by Choo Choo

I gave Choo Choo some options for workouts and he selected Dora 1-2-3 with 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBCs. We partnered up and completed the workout. (YHC notes that the partner team of Sneeder and Choo Choo were leading the way)

Mosey behind the high school building for part 2 led by Toot Toot

Filament sent me a message that he found a 12-sided workout die and asked if he should bring it.  I said yes and decided to use it in my part of the workout.

In the parking lot behind the building, the PAX followed YHC around the parking lot, stopping every so often to roll the die and do the exercise.  Once the random tour of the parking lot was completed, those recording their workout on Strava had now drawn an “F3” into our route.

We returned to the AO and circled up to roll the die some more to complete our workout. We ended with the COT (announcements, prayers/praises)

Toot Toot, out!



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