Not the “we’re gonna run for the full hour” workout

    • When: 02/05/19
    • QIC: Toot Toot
    • The PAX: The Big Fundamental, Bull, Danger Zone, Smokey, Moneybags, Ironsights, Regulator, JAG, Toot Toot

Wall Street is a running AO so guess what we did? Yep run, but with a twist.

With no FNGs, I began with a safety reminder about traffic and running in the dark. Before departing the AO, all PAX had vests or lights.  We also did a count off to ensure we didn’t lose anyone, and identified those who were carrying phones in case of emergency.

Today’s destination: the Winthrop Colosseum.

We began with a 2 mile run to the colosseum, followed by two fartlek loops around the building, then 4 hill repeats, and a return 2 mile trip back to the AO.  Nothing fancy; just some intentional run exercises to change it up.  We ended with the COT.

Toot Toot out!

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