Bringing the pain to PHOP

    • When: 02/06/19
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Runners: Sargent York, Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Mailman (welcome back!)
      Bootcamp: Taken, Goldplate (R), Major Payne, Wild Meat (FNG)

This is day two in a row to Q for me. I took the opportunity to mix it up a bit.
PHOP is one of my favorite sites because it is unique in the Rock Region (and fairly uncommon around F3 nation if I had to guess- I have posted in 5 other regions, none have had the resources at an AO that we do at PHOP).
Yesterday at Eagle’s Nest I worked in a few unusual maneuvers.
That was not the case today. What I looked for today was efficiency and pain.

COP: All IC- SSH, Merkins, and Low Slow Squats

We started off with two rounds of AMRAP stations.

Tire flips, Hammer Strikes, Bent over rows, and Chain squats.

The timing mechanism involved one man sprinting to a cindy, doing 5 curls, nuring back around a cone and sprinting to the next cindy in a zipper pattern across the field that had cindys.

Circle up for 2 rounds of a burning ring of fire. Hold the high plank position in a circle, do a merkin while the man going around the outside bear crawls the loop.

Jack Webb up to 5 merkans and 20 claps.

Back to the stations for another round of the same timer. This time stations were modified to be: tire flips, American hammers (with a hammer coupon), Honey Pots (think battle ropes, but with a chain) and tricep extensions.

Clean up time and then a little Mary to end the morning. Alternating flutter kicks and crunchy frogs in cadence.

Much pain was had by all!

Then the COT

On a personal note:

Yesterday I heard a pair of men complaining about one of the exercises not being “all that manly a motion”. At the time it didn’t bother me. But today it started to. Not because of the opinion expressed, but because of how it was expressed. If that had been my VQ or I wasn’t fairly confident in what I was doing it could have discouraged some men from leading again, which is directly against what we stand for.

The purpose of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups to invigorate male community leadership.
No one left without breaking a sweat. You are told to modify, if you need to beef something up feel free. As a Q it is my responsibility to ensure that you have a challenge. If you need more, go get it. F3 is a group of leaders leading leaders. I have done extra burpees when no one called them. I have been part of a group that left early to get in a few extra miles. No one thought less of me for it.
But I kept that in mind when I made the Wienke for today, so it was a meat and potatoes kind of morning.

If you didn’t bust your tail in the gloom this morning it is because you didn’t want to. You own your workout. We have all been to workouts that were poorly planned or did not go as they had been planned. However, we have also seen some fantastic innovations come from creative men trying to bring the pain.
If we never try anything new, we will stagnate and slowly this rot will grow. Think about that before you complain about a Q trying something new.

As for the exercise that was mentioned, don’t worry. By the end of doing the full set one of the guys complaining was drenched with sweat. It will not show back up in my next workout I Q, but it will be back. Because it pushed us. Which is kind of the point of this whole thing.

The theme of the month is agape love. Go spread it. And while you are doing that throw some headlocks and turkey punch some sad clowns.

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