STOP…Hammer Time!

    • When: 02/06/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Mayflower, Gridlock, Chernobyl, PCH, Mongo, Riddler, Tombstone, Bubble Wrap, Rasta, and Jester

Disclaimer was proclaimed.


– Left over right and right over left stretch.

– Down dog stretch down into plank position

– Mountain climbers (15 in Cadence)

– Held plank position and went right into plank jacks (15 in Cadence)

– Moroccan nightclubs (20 in Cadence)

– SSH’s (15 in Cadence)

– Seal Jack’s (15 in Cadence)


Moseyed to lower parking lot for a triple rinse and repeat of four corners:

– Corner 1: Bear crawl about 30-40 yards or so and mosey back to first corner for lbc’s (15 OYO) and moseyed to next corner.

– Corner 2: Bomb jacks (10 OYO) and crunchy frogs (10 OYO) and moseyed to next corner.

– Corner 3: Merkins (10 OYO) and squats (10 OYO) and moseyed to next corner.

– Corner 4: Alternating shoulder taps (10 single count OYO) and tricycles (10 each leg OYO). YHC was introduced to the tricycles at Old Towne by Burgandy this week and loved them. So, they got thrown into the mix here.

PAX then moseyed to benches in front of main building near the COT for some roll the dice:

1 = prison cell meekins

2= burpees

3= meekins

4= dips

5= squats

6 = lbc’s

1st die equated to an exercise and a multiplier.

2nd die equated to # of reps times the multiplier of the 1st die.

PAX rolled the dice until everyone had a chance roll.

In the same location PAX circled up for a series of American hammers with kettle bells (5lbs, 10lbs and 15lbs). YHC started with the 5lb kettle bell in the cadence on 10 and passed the kettle bell to the left. Next set…10lb kettle bell entered the mix. Next round…15lb kettle bell entered the mix. The PAX continued in sets of 10 in Cadence until all the kettle bells work their way back to the beginning.

With time running short, the PAX moseyed back to the COT for a quick word on the word of the month – agape.

Announcements: Rooster and Yeti upcoming.

Prayers: Mongo Рprayers for relatives under going surgery, Bubble Wrap safe travels to Honduras  for a mission trip and safe for family at home, and Tombstone Рalso prayers for family at home while he is away from home this weekend.

Ended with prayer. Thank you PCH for the invite today. YHC does not really get out to this AO often. It is a great location and enjoyed the change of pace this Wednesday AM in the gloom

Jester out!




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