Tesla brings the heat down from Gastonia on an otherwise cold and rainy day.

    • When: 02/23/19
    • QIC: Tesla (Guest Q from Gaston/Charlotte Metro)
    • The PAX: Tesla, Red October, Peach, Roxanne, Whitehat, Kindergarten Cop, fng (Barney Miller)

(Backblast written by Tesla from Gastonia)

About a month ago YHC was present at The Yank in Belmont, NC when the The Rock guys came up and
go the Ghost Flag YHC propositioned the boys from down south to come down and do an old time guest
Q beat down to spread the comradierie around a little. 30 or so days later and about 10 straight days of
rain to boot that time had come. So YHC made his way down through rural York County on a gloomy,
dreary, clammy, cold February Saturday to fulfill his end of the bargain, knowing with various CSAUPS in
Gaston and in Rock Hill along with the nasty weather attendance might be a little sparse. Nevertheless,
beat down was well thought out as YHC looked over the A/O for the first time. Cool place! Went
something like this as we headed first for some shelter:
SSH X 1 minute
IW X 1 minute
Merkins X 1 minute
Big boy sit ups X 1 minute
American Hammers X 1 minute
Jump squats X 1 minute
Run around the parking lot and get ready for a ladder.
1 st step: 5 burpees
Run the lot, get back and do 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, and 30 squats.
2 nd step: Same as above, add 10 SSH
3 rd step: Same as 2 nd , add 15 Mike Tysons
4 th step: Same as 3 rd , add 20 big boy sit-ups
5 th Step: Same as 4, add 25 plank jacks
Now after a little shelter for the first half, it was time to get into the elements! Truthfully, YHC really like
the looks of the field so we went there for a Tesla Special, Bear Crawl Slalom!

Plank in a line across the field, bear crawl “Indian Style” between each pax. Repeat until we got to the
other side of the field. Everybody got 4 rounds of bear crawl, YHC promised at least 2 – exceeded
expectations! Always a good thing.
Other side at the bench:
10X, 15X, 20X, dips, dirkins, inclined merkins.
Plank again across the field, this time just an agility run mimicking bear crawls previous.
Triple Nickel
Get on the track and one end, 5 Turkish getups, run to the other end, 5 diamond merkins. Repeat 5X but
Q Omaha due to time and a wet track.
Back in lot for 5 minutes of stretching, which we need to do more of in F3.
Cold, wet, day. About as February as it gets ‘round these here parts! But we all got through it. And we
were all better for it. Got to put it out there from time to time to get better and we did that. Was a
tough day but we got it done.

Really enjoyed my visit to The Rock. Great guys and great Q Source following. Could not have been
better. Really want to get the Gaston guys in the loop on helping the York group. We’ll work on that.
Look forward to coming back over soon and bringing some troops. You guys do the same!
Tesla, out.

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