F3 WallStreet: New Route New Hills?

    • When: 03/05/19
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, PCH, Jag, Walker, Slow Pitch, Ponytail, Pescador, Jester, Ironsight, The Big Fundamental, Blueprint, Bubble Wrap, White Hat, Mudd Puddle, 8-Mile, Mongo, Toot Toot


Better late than never, but I guess that is the way these go sometimes! Well we were coming off the Rooster, and many of us have been to the same downhill/uphill run to the Hotbox. So I figured I would provide a route that I use to train for my Ultra Races.

So we took off towards the hospital, down the giant decline, then up the hill to publix, then we descended towards Highway 5. After that we made a right up the big hill to the elementary school, looped around and headed back. We finished up with about 6 miles!

Here is the map of the Route, you can click to view it on strava:

Thanks for having me out Big Fundamental, and thanks to the large number of Pax that came out!




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