Comparison is the Thief of Joy

    • When: 3/28/19
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Popeye, Burgundy, The Riddler, Dawg Pound, Triad, Walker (R), Cardigan, Kenyan (R), Poppins, Van Damme, Pac Man, Apache (R), Hawkeye (RRR), Socrates, Filament, Sir Purr, Shrute, Ponytail (R), Italian Job

19 HIMS of the Rock Region assembled in the Gloom today at Man U to sharpen iron and enjoy some fellowship together.  A few guys were out pre-running and as 0515 approached YHC was excited that 18 other men had unfartsacked themselves to join YHC this morning.  As the hour drew near Italian Job grabbed Socrates for a quick HIMterview and then it was time to get it on.  YHC had then group gather in the lower lot for more room and got the morning started with a disclaimer and note to encourage one another & take care of the six.  No FNG’s were present so we got going with the warm-up which included SSH, Seal Jacks, some light stretching, cherry pickers & CDD’s and we were off.

The Thang –

We rolled out of the COT area and down to the front of TJ Maax and from parking island to island we did Toy soldiers, butt kickers & Lt Dans – to get the legs warmed up.  Next we moseyed down the front of the stores and over near the front of Panera for a set of ATM’s (alternating shoulder taps / Tempo merkins / Merkins) followed by a set of flutters, LBC’s & chop sticks.  Then we ran down the front of the stores back near the COT and did 10 burpees and then ran back to the front of TJ Maax, completing a full interior lap of the parking lot.  Then YHC explained to the PAX that we would go up and down 4 parking lanes doing 10 merkins at each end for 80 total and then planked for the six with a few helping bring them in.  After a quick recovery we went back to the front of Panera where we had been earlier and YHC had 2 PAX assemble at the end of each parking lane for a sideways bear crawl down & back followed by 15 leg throws each, then we ran back down and did 10 more burpees to finish our second lap around the interior of the parking lot.  YHC used the 10 count to share the following quote from Teddy Roosevelt:

“Comparison is the thief of Joy”

YHC explained to the PAX what this quote means to me – We all need to avoid comparing ourselves to others because there will always be somebody who has a bigger house, or a nicer car, or more money.  True happiness cannot be found looking for what others have.  True happiness can however be found by doing everything you can to live the life God intended for you.  Trying to compare yourself to others is artificial and will steal your Joy – your true happiness.  This was my challenge to the PAX and to myself

Next we headed to the wall beside TJ Maax and did peoples chair with shoulders / knees / toes followed by BTW and a set of Australian Mountain Climbers followed by a set of wall merkins – 4 count and step ups in reverse plank (YHC knows how to do them but no idea what they are called.  Next, we ran over to the front of the movie theatre and did a set of Bat Wings (air presses / overhead claps / seal claps), followed by a set of 10 pull ups IC on the handrails.  Time was beginning to run short so we headed over the fountain circle and did a set of Irkins & Dirkins and finished with 10 tempo Merkins IC.  We then did a quick mosey over to the COT and finished up right on time

We closed out the morning with a few announcements along with prayers & praises.  YHC closed out with the following verse:

Each of you must examine your own actions.  Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourselves to others.  Assume your own responsibility

Galatians 6 : 4-5

Thanks Socrates for the opportunity to lead today in the Gloom – it’s always an honor

Ponytail out –

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