Much More Than a 10K to Start the Day Q

    • When: 03/28/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Vuvuzela and Jester

YHC had similar thoughts to last Friday’s The Commons Q that Wally World’s Q this week would be a solo mission with P200 not all that far in the rear-view mirror yet. So, with a few minutes to the 0500 hour, YHC was getting some final stretching in with ear buds all ready to go to tackle the planned 6.2 mile route solo. However, YHC was pleasantly surprised as a car pulled into the Sullivan Middle School parking lot just prior to launch.  What was even more surprising is that this particular PAX had participated in the P200 this past weekend and showed up ready to go at a running AO!

So, off to the races Vuvuzela and YHC went (at least it felt that way to YHC). As much as YHC would like to go into the pace that Vuvuzela was setting for the two of us on this particular venture, this was not what made the workout or the remainder of the morning post run for YHC. YHC has crossed paths with Vuvuzela a couple of times I believe to this point. So, the interactions have pretty much been of the, “Hello, how’s it going?” nature.  This was the first time that YHC has been given the opportunity to have a little bit more of a conversational opportunity (at least while YHC still had his wind). And, I am grateful for it (not the lack of wind part).  Why? The why in this case centers on something YHC has been struggling with and working on for some time now. And, that is being present in the moment. I think it is fair to assume that many of us aren’t truly present in the moment at times thinking about family matters, projects at work, etc. I’m not going to lie, my mind wanted to go to these places this morning. Ultimately, I am glad they didn’t.

As the mumble chatter rolled and your YHC was given a small glimpse into this particular PAX life, the word “admiration” continually popped into my mind. The thought of admiration continued to go through my mind on my drive home even. I started thinking about those individuals throughout my life that I have admired. As I processed this list in my head, I was taken back by what I admired about many of these individuals: wealth, intelligence, charisma, athleticism, etc. Then it hit me! Crap! I didn’t admire these people…I envied them! There were individuals that crossed my mind that I’ve admired for better reasons though: kindness, caring, selfless, etc. Sadly, it wasn’t a really long list from my past that met these criteria.

When I was first invited to come to a F3 workout, it truly was about the workout and it was/has been for quite some time. However, when I have let myself be present in the moment, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet and begin getting to know some really good men who should be admired for the right reasons here on earth. I know this is long, but just put up with me a little longer. I think 1 Corinthians 15:33 lays it out best, “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.”

As I said, I know this is long, but all these transgressions of thoughts and self-reflection spurred from what maybe amounted to a total of 15 to 20 minutes of conversation with someone I don’t really know very well.  So, the next time you post if you struggle being present in the moment like I do at times, force yourself to be preset and take the time to maybe converse with someone you do not know all that well? Who knows how they might inspire you to be better based on their story or the character they possess.  I truly hope to continue having experiences such as this and other encounters I’ve had with PAX in the Rock Region so I continue trying to just be a better person than I was the day before.

So, thank you Vuvu for the run and more importantly thank you for the conversation! Also, thank you Penny Pincher for the opportunity to lead Wally World for a morning! Although, I’m not really sure who lead who, but an impact was definitely made this particular morning!

Jester Out

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