Complacency kills excellence

    • When: 04/01/19
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: The Riddler, Reborn, Vuvuzela, Schrute, Ponytail (r), Sir Purr, Conseco, Tinker Toy, Boomer, PCH, Jester, Walker (r), Apache, Popeye, Cardigan, Burgundy

“Old town used to have a reputation as the baddest AO in the region. Every week it earned that reputation. But, to me, over time it has lost that edge.
Part of it is that I am in much better shape than I was 3 years ago when I first started posting at Old Town. Part of it is that as some other AOs got tougher Old Town seems to have regressed to the mean.
There is no fault, there is no blame to pass, but there needs to be a recognition of what is.
And this is the opportunity to fix that.
Call this a wake-up call, a call to action, a refocusing of purpose, or a slight paradigm shift.
I don’t care what you call it, just make it tough. From here on out the rules at Old Town are simple. No 10 counts and bring the most pain.”

Today I threw down the gauntlet at Old Town. There are other men in the region who are tougher, stronger, faster, or more creative. There are even some who are all four. This was not the toughest Q of all time, but I hope that it inspires the guy who eventually leads it.

After a quick reading of the statement above and an explanation of how Old Town was changing focus I had one man ask “What’s changing?” and that’s a fair question. That was the articulated purpose of Old Town initially. But that has not been the reality my last few posts there. When standards become lax we all lag behind. Complacency kills excellence. When you slack up and stop pushing forward, you stop getting better.

Today I tried to start fixing that.

It started with a quick mosey to Fountain Park and then, in a fast cadence x 5- Wide arm merkin, plank jack, diamond merkin, mountain climbers

Repeat, but x 10.

Board of pain- Each lap around fountain park was a little bit different, but the structure was the same. Locomotor movement broken up by 10 of an exercise at each pole down one side, sprint the short side, continue the movement and exercise pattern down the long side and then sprint back to the board. It’s a long way to do some of these exercises and by the end of a lap you had completed 100 of the exercise.

  • Lap 1- Lunge walk, SSH
  • Lap 2- Bear crawl, WW2
  • Lap 3- nuR, Merkin
  • Lap 4- Burpee broad jump, LBC
  • Lap 5- Crab walk, Diamond merkins
  • Lap 6- Lt. Dan, Donkey Kicks
  • Lap 7-There shouldn’t be anyone behind the 6. Go get them.

Some men got to lap 5.

Most got to lap 6.

A few absolute beasts got to lap 7.

Regardless as to where you got, today you got out what you put in.


I do not believe that we wake up at 4:30 in the morning ready to be average. That is not the mindset of someone who is hungry for growth. That is not the mindset of one who holds others accountable. That is not the mindset of a leader.

We post to get better.

It takes a commitment from a large group of men to refocus on a mission. As I looked around the COT today it really hit me how impactful F3 really is. I know that once the challenge has been issued that there is a core of men in this community who will rise to the challenge and bring the pain.

Ironsights is on Q next week and he’s a monster. I cannot wait to see what happens!

If you are filling out your F3 Bingo card then you got to check off 5 of them today: 100 merkins, 50 burpees, 100 SSH, No 10 count workout, and Bear Crawl 100 m

Get After It

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