PHOP 424

    • When: 04/24/19
    • QIC: Homer
    • The PAX: Gold Plate, Taken, The Riddler, Schrute, Canseco, Tinker Toy, Deputy Dawg, Nomad, Homer, Pink Panther

I struggle committing to spots on the Q schedule based off variable work locations and more traveling this year but I saw an opening for PHOP on a date I knew I’d be in town and reached out to Gold Plate about taking the Q.

The warmup – Low Slow Squat, right over left, left over right, little arm circles, Moroccan night clubs

The Workout:

Night before I took a stack of notecards and gave each a number between 1-5.  The PAX formed 2 lines behind the tires.  One PAX from each line drew a card.  Higher number did that quantity of tire flips.  Low number did burpees based of number on card. Draw saw both PAX do tire flip.  Once exercise was performed, mosey across the yard to parking lot and then back via path between church and house.  Next PAX in each line then repeats the process.  Once the tires crossed the length of the yard the process was reversed.

Next exercise was big boy sit ups with cinder blocks.  With a partner the PAX each did 30 while holding the cindy, passing it between PAX on the ups.  After first round we took a mosey around the church grounds, repeated the sit ups and then repeated the mosey in reverse direction.

Back to the tires for an Indian Run/Tire Flip combo.  Each PAX flipping the tire once then stepping aside for the next PAX.  It wasn’t intended for this to be competitive but quickly turned that way with each line working harder to finish first.

After returning tires and cindys to the shed we wrapped up with 10 Merkins (OYO), and some leg stretching.

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