Why We Running So Much

    • When: 04/23/2019
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Italian Job, Anchor Bar (R), Homer, Tombstone, Carmen San Diego (FNG), Catfish, The Noodle, Stork, Jag (R), White Hat, Smiley Face (R)

It has been a minute since I have posted or been Q at Eagle’s Next so I was excited to return. The return was highlighted by the chance to workout with some folks that I have never met (The Noodle and Stork) as well as a visit by an FNG. So…I unpacked the Mission Statement and the 5 Core Principles and felt pretty good about myself. Only problem is I never gave a disclaimer and this is a big honking mistake. So…for those of you who take the time to read this…don’t make my mistake!

Warm Up…

10 Merkins IC…hold

10 Shoulder Taps IC…hold

10 Plank Jacks IC



10 Little Baby Arm Circles IC

10 Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles IC

….let’s mosey…took a tour of a dead end courtyard as I turned into a set of steps too soon. Lot’s of mumble chatter regarding “this is nice”…”never seen this before” etc…It actually looked like I knew what I was doing, but those of you who know me know this is not true. Finally made it to the fountain where we partnered up and performed a series of 3 stair snake runs, while other partner dipped.

Mosey to Scholars Walk where we circled up for  series of partner let throws 25 each. Honey Pot your name was mentioned…it wasn’t too bad.

Set up a partner run down scholars walk and back while other partner held plank or some other core exercise that eludes my memory. Either way the series of 3 was quickly modified as mumble chatter eluded to the insanity of my plan. Not to worry as I whipped out my “Influence” topic. Yes…and discussed the most influential person in my life…Jesus. While I try to restrain myself I cannot as the change in myself it too dramatic not to get excited about…you know the song…something like…saved a wretch like me. Mosey to the rip rap and pick out a coupon. One partner run other curl, rinse repeat triceps extension, chest press, skull crushers. Somewhere during this portion I heard mumble chatter regarding running so much. As most of you know I have never been fond of running and I am still not fond of running. But as I often hear from this bunch…”how do you get better at insert exercise of choice? Do more exercises of choice”! So…I have been embracing the suck of this part of my life. Pretty sure we only got about 2 miles, if that, and I am still basking in the mumble chatter as I worked hard to accelerate this part of my life. I am still slow as can be and still have my goal of 13.1 in front of me, but thanks for noticing. Stopped at the dip station to do a series of Dips, Erkins, and Derkins 10 each IC then moseyed to the AO for a little Ab Lab and COT time. FNG Carmen San Diego named,  announcements were announced and prayers were lifted. Thanks for the opportunity to lead Tombstone.

Smiley Face


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