Independence 04/29/2019 Let’s do some arm work because we haven’t done enough!!

    • When: 04/29/2019
    • QIC: Chuckie
    • The PAX: Gold Plate (respect), Waterboy, Dial Tone, Roxanne, Smiley Face (respect), Socrates, Boomer, Lock Pick, Bashful (respect respect), Fryin' Pan, Pavarotti, Jack Hammer (respect), Hawkeye (respect respect respect), Kenyon (respect), Anchor Bar (respect), Chuckie QIC (respect).

Welcome was given.

No FNG’s.

Disclaimer given (modify as needed everything is a suggestion by the Q)



3 Ruckers/walkers headed out for the morning.  (Fryin’ Pan, Bashful and Pavarotti)

Seated pigeon pose 15 count

Reclining pigeon pose 15 count

The Thang

Mosey to flag pole at Winthrop for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Because Anchor Bar was disappointed we had not done any Whizzing Dogs.  We did Whizzing Dog for a 10 count.

Mosey to Alumni Walk.

Merkin Ladder.  Every other section of the walk for twenty sections a merkins at each section increasing my one each time.  120 total merkins.  Asked one of the Pax to give us a Apache 10 count.

Reverse and go back the other way but this time a squat for every section and because we started past the bronze statute on the bench we ended up with 133 squats.  Another Pax gave us an Apache 10 count.

Roxanne shared with us the Whetstone name change to Shield Lock.

Mosey to the stairs (Popeye’s favorite ones).  Partnered up for some DORA.  100 LBC’s and 200 squats.  One partner doing exercises and other partner running stairs to the door and back then switch.

on our six for some more reclining pigeon pose for a 10 count.

seated pigeon pose for a 10 count.

Dying cockroach for a 10 count IC

Moroccan Night clubs for a 10 count IC

Finger touches for a 10 count IC

Mosey back  to the COT for an ABB Lab.

PAX favorite ABB lab exercise chosen by 11 of the 13 before we ran out of time.  American Hammers, Hello Dollies, Rosalita’s, Flutter Kicks, 6 Inches, Dying Cockroaches, Big Boy Situps that’s all I can remember.

Thanks for allowing me to lead the leaders Anchor Bar.

Chickie, I mean Chuckie out!!



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