• When: 05/04/19
    • QIC: Pacman
    • The PAX: Pacman, Cornerstone, Rockabilly, Red October, Poppins, Peach (R), Big Mac, Kingpin, Whitney, Hot Spot, Van Damme, Angelo

12 Of us showed up on an awesome Saturday morning to put in some work at The Patriot.  My brother Rockabilly from Gashouse came down to visit so I knew it was going to be a good time!  T-Claps to this pax as he has been killing it steady putting in work and down 42 pounds!  Good work! Keep pushing the rock and influencing!

Disclaimer was given then off to the warmup

SSH, Windmills, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps

Mosey to the wall as I love leaning on stuff. BTTW, Ascending Testicles, then BTTW Indian Run

Mosey to Cherry Park but as we started to leave I told the pax that the rule for today is for every person we pass and get them to say “good morning” we do 10 burpees.. I was hoping i would regret this decision later and my brothers didn’t let me down.  We weren’t even in the fence yet and me being the chatty Kathy I am I had already racked us up 20 burpees.  On to the field.

4×4’s: four merkins then four mountain climbers then back to your feet on my count for 10 reps.

little mosey the pax said a good morning or two and we did some burpees.  Found some benches in the park for derkins, erkins dips.

mosey back to the park entrance for some deconstructive burpees but not before another set of good morning burpees (I was starting to feel the need to find less friendly people at this point!).

mosey to the parking lot for some clock merkins on the curb, some descending merkins on the handrails, curb alerts and then some calf raises.

Back to COT! Announcements (F3 Dad’s this Saturday, The Goose, CPR Sign Ups) and then prayers were lifted up by the Pax.

Thank you Red October for giving me the opportunity to lead, love this site!  Great to see everyone out!  Until next time. Pacman Out Waka Waka.

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