QSource Information Update – Leaders Leading Leaders

    • When: 05/06/2016
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Frying Pan, Pescador, Smiley Face

Rock Hill Pax…it has been a blast taking the reins of QSource from Apache! Thank you brother for the push and the foresight to kick this thing off the ground in Rock Hill. With feedback from many PAX members we have created 3 sites that have developed core groups and are now shield locking around the wisdom and insight that can be found in each Q point. I have been personally affected, and have truly focused on acceleration in many areas of my life that I can attribute to the formula outlined in the QSource as well as a lot of help from my Sky Q! However, there comes a time in the F3 thing when we have to recognize and provide opportunity for other leaders to step up and that time has come. It is with honor that I pass the QSource leadership torch off to the HIM who created our Saturday QSource AO, Todd Brinkley, aka Frying Pan effective this week as we move into Q2 Live Right! Frying Pan’s leadership and intentional focus will do nothing but grow this thing. I will continue to support the Panera Bread AO that, under protest, is Dunkin Donuting! Please reach out and congratulate this HIM as he embraces his leadership role within F3 Rock Hill!

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