Slow Burn Smiley Style

    • When: 05/03/2019
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Chuckie (R), Reborn, Canseco, Homer, Gold Plate (R), White Hat, River Rat, Socrates (Happy Bday), 155, Gatorade, Water Boy, French Lick (R), Hawkeye (RRR), Hot Sauce, Roxanne, Smiley Face (R)

Yo Pax…Finally got the opportunity to visit Petra again…this time as Q as Hawkeye reached deep into his pool of talent and found they were unavailable so he grabbed YHC! Disclaimer disclaimed and no FNGs noted.


The first exercise is…and of course the Pax shouted SSHs which allowed me to say…nope…low slow squats. I love doing this because it immediately gets us out of a routine and gets the Pax stirred up.


Low Slow Squats 20 IC

Right arm across then left arm across stretches with a Sapper 10 Count…you know the one…thousand…1,thousand…2

Right ankle, center, left ankle stretches with the Sapper 10 Count.

Merkin 10 IC..hold it

Shoulder Taps 10 IC…hold it

Hip Taps 10 IC…hold it

Plank Jacks 10 IC and recover

MNC 20 IC…hold it

INC 20 IC…hold it

Little Baby Arm Circles 20 IC

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles 20 IC


That Thang…

Mosey to the wall and sit for Pax 10 Count

Hit curb for 40 OYO calf raises

Rinse and Repeat transitioning down in the calf raises to 30 then 20. It was during this part of the burn that we found out that Gatorade counts like a boss. In a resounding man voice dude counted down while in the Peoples Chair. Impressive work Water Boy! Mosey to the Adventure Air Parking lot and outlined the Suicide 11’s plan as we started with 10 low slow squats and took a mosey to next parking line for 1 calf raise, then back for 9 squats and then to second line and etc. until we ended at the end. The object was “This is not a race”…get with a group and get to know each other. I spent a lot of time with Water Boy and learned a few things I did not know that will help me be a better HIM for him should he need a little help.  Got the group back at 6:00 and ended with our COT where prayers were lifted and praises we given.


I took a moment to focus on our word of the month. It went a little like this…Fruit…Seed…Vine…Prune…Fruit…Seed….Vine…Prune. And with Gatorade there it was a perfect opportunity to reference Water Boy and his son Gatorade…the fruit and his legacy as a man.  John 15…if you are interested…


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