So you think you can’t dance

    • When: 05/06/2019
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Newton, Red October, Gunslinger, Sir Purr, Sharkbait( who-ha-ha , Sproket, PacMan, Big Mac, Kingpin

YHC arrived with Bluetooth boombox in hand. I felt that things had gotten a little serious in the last couple of weeks with the heat and humidity kicking up at night, so I felt that it was time to “play that funky music!”



20 SSH

10 cherry pickers

10 imperial walkers

10 hillbilly walkers


The Thang

We mozied around the corner to the curb and lined up in the merkin position with hands on curb.

Hit the play button:

What gets a party started, The Cupid Shuffle!

The right-merkin to the right

The left-merkin to the left

Kick and walk it out- do merkin

After 3:52 minutes of that torture, had Sprocket give us an Apache 10-count

Circled back up for the next song on the wicked playlist:

Everybody loves a little Flower (by Moby), especially when Sally’s cousin ( who is apparently suzie) gives it to you

3:26 of squats and al gores

starting in the squat position

Bring sally up- up squat

bring sally down- down squat

hold al gore until bring sally up

Keepin on, we mozied over to the middle school to stretch our legs and what did we find, a wall, where we rested in the people’s chair. Spread a little bit of the word about this months word “ fruit”. The fruit is the product of our labors 1stF 2ndF and 3rdF. The fruit that we bear and spread through the 3Fs are filled with seeds and whether we know it or not those seeds sprout other fruit producing entities and from 1 seed you can produce an orchard.

a little recovery

Kickin the boombox back on:

Bodies-drowning pool

merkin position feet against wall, counts-donkey kicks , chorus – merkins

3:22min of pain

did a quick stretch of toy soldiers and lt dan’s around the curb and circled back up

fired up the boombox for a little Get Low- DJ snake &dillon francis -hold al gore until beat drops and do squats with the beat then move to your six and do the same with lbc’s

Mozied back to the AO

Last song of the night, this was a Big Mac special happily named the Pickle Slinger

DJ Snake & Lil John- Turn down for what

1st half – Pickle pounders with the beat of the song

2nd half- Flip over to your six and Pickle pusher to the sky (squeeze those glutes)

a little post workout stretch

the lesson of this workout is it takes only a few of the muscles in your face to frown, but it takes them all to smile and laugh!!!


Prayers and praises lifted to our Heavenly Father, you know who is in need and what they need!

Oh yeah…. Thursday night 7:30 at Sullivan middle school “ The goose” … get your honk on

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