Second helping of BigMac @ The Goose

    • When: 05/09/19
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, Newton, Vanilla Headlights , Big Mac

This was my second Q for the week.

Warm up

20x SSH

10x seal jacks

10x cherry pickers

10x hillbilly walkers

10x imperial walkers

The Thang:

Mozied over to cherry park , found an empty field.

B.O.M.B.S – 10x then rinse and repeat 5 times

Busted out the speaker and did a round of Meet Sally’s Cousin ( squats/ al gore) and The Cupid Shuffle

Mozied back to the COT and partnered up.

-in the wheelbarrow position one pax did 10 merkins while the other pax held their feet, when the merkins were done the other pax did  10 squats. Switched positions. Liked it so much we rinsed & repeated.

We finished up with a little ablab

-10 American hammers (ic)

-20 LBC’s (ic)

-17 boxcutters (ic)

-30 count of plank position



We lifted up our prayers and praises to the Lord, so he can bless our praises and address our prayers. Also, keeping our police/fire/emt/military safe and prayer for teachers!!

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