4 at The Commons

    • When: 05/31/19
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Chisel, Smokey, Rasta

When I was asked to cover for a Q who had a work commitment I jumped at the chance. I love to lead at The Commons. There are so many options that even though I have been the Q here several times I do not think that I have recycled anything. There are just so many ways to sharpen iron in this area. Here’s what we did today:

COP- stretch, SSH, Merkans, Plank Jacks, Low slow merkans- All IC x 15

Mosey to coliseum

Use the ditch for 11’s- Squats and burpees

Mosey to the back side of the coliseum for some hill repeats- squat for the six after each repeat. 5 total repeats.

Mosey back to the front of the coliseum and start back to the AO.

Circle up for abs about half way back. Flutters, LBCs, box cutters, all IC

Mosey back to the AO

Use the parking lot for catch me if you can- partner 1 Nurs, partner 2 does 5 merkans and sprints to catch him. Flapjack and repeat all the way across

Circle up- American hammers, LBCs, Body destroyers and one other ab exercise that has slipped my mind. Sorry about that…

Then a few yoga stretches to get ourselves cooled off

While big groups are a lot of fun and it is nice to see a lot of guys, there is something special about these small groups. Everybody has to take a more active roll in encouragement, pushing, and mumble chatter. That group motivation is a huge part of the joy I derive from F3.

It was a reasonably tough workout, but we all stuck it out to the end. Good work guys!

Rasta- Always good to see you brother. You somehow manage to keep the importance of the grind first and foremost, but also keep it light and ensure that the 2nd F is well represented. I appreciate your focus, camaraderie, and openness.

Smokey- Guys in our group need a measuring stick. You provide that. It is crazy how far you have come as a runner. You crushed those hill repeats and then kept going. You have been putting in effort and it is paying dividends. Great work man. I appreciate how far you have come and your desire to continue to grow.

Chisel- You gave everything you had and then reached way down and found some more. At least once today I saw you thinking about easing up or quitting. But you didn’t. You started strong and you finished strong. That’s how people get better. Today you pushed your boundaries. I appreciate your effort and drive.

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