GoRuck inspired audible

    • When: 06/06/19
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Catfish, Schrute, Big house, Fryin’ Pan, GAUGE, Pot roast, Slow Pitch, Skylander, Lizard , Mongoose, Beta, Pepperoni, Lego , FNG- Slider

I thought today was going to be like most other Thursdays, had a change to the schedule so I threw an audible. With 4 or 5 guys, it’s easy to handle. But, through some discussion and more than 4 or 5 F3 brothers and 2.0’s pulling up, we decided to do the GoRuck 75th anniversary workout. Luckily, Catfish brought the pain…..I mean rucks.

The Thang:

circled up – did a moving disclaimer for fng – straight to track

GoRuck D-day workout

1 mile with weight as fast as possible or no weight run as fast as able

75 merkins – some with ruck, some without

75 squats- some with ruck, some without

75 ruck deadlifts

75 overhead presses- some with ruck, some without

1 mile with ruck or weight as fast as you can

Ended with COT and Prayer

I can’t express the gratitude that I feel for each one of these gentlemen that come out to, not just the Goose, but all the sites. The examples that you set for your 2.0’s and for the community far exceed anything that I ever thought I’d be apart of. And, I am ever thankful that y’all have let me be apart of this group!


We lift up the spoken and unspoken prayers to God Almighty in a hope that his mercy and grace fall upon us like his love!


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