Mumble Chatter and Miles

    • When: 06/21/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Boomer (runner), JAG (runner), Sir Purr (runner), Samari (biker), Anchor Bar (biker) and Jester (runner)

Four runners and two bikers made their way to the Veteran this morning. The weather was perfect for either a bike ride or a run on this day. Samari and Anchor Bar were off on their ride leaving the four remaining PAX left to begin their run. Prior to starting on the four mile journey, the disclaimer was disclaimed even though there was a veteran showing among the PAX. The route was laid out and the PAX were off. The four mile journey took the PAX out Elizabeth and onto Charlotte Ave. We continued on Charlotte Ave until Cherry Road was reached making a left on Cherry Road. The straight shot along Cherry concluded at Main Street and a left was made to get everyone back to the COT.

It was a nice steady paced run with no one pushing the pace too hard so much mumble chatter could be had among the PAX. We arrived back at the COT a little ahead of schedule which left time for some thoughts to be shared by YHC and the PAX. Generally, YHC has done some prep work before hand and has some scripture prepared to share with the PAX, but YHC had come unprepared on this occasion. YHC did share thoughts regarding the word of the month though – “Axis”. Based on YHC’s Q earlier in the week at Bunker Hill, the notion of balance came to mind after struggling through the boot camp workout. YHC’s focus had been on running the past few months with little emphasis on working other muscle groups.

So, as YHC was thinking about balance, the notion of axis also came to mind. As YHC stated to the PAX, I am not physics major by any stretch, but balance is a very important component for something or someone to remain centered on its respective axis. When focus strays too much in any one direction in one’s life, it makes it easier to become off balance from the axis. It is an assumption, but YHC feels it is a fair assumption that most men struggle with this. As a case in point here, not that YHC is a physical menace by any stretch of the imagination, but the focus on running the past few months caused YHC to become off balance. Other muscle groups were left neglected for the lack of a better term.  Now, does this mean to halt running and focus strictly on boot camps or weight training for conditioning…no. It would just cause the axis to shift too much another direction. There are many other aspects of life that can be easily plugged in here aside from exercise: food, drink, work, sex, etc. It is just that exercise is being used as the example here to get the point across. So, the overall point here is balance in life and working on being aware of balance because it is really easy for our axis to be disrupted when we are out of balance.

Sir Purr…thank you once again for the opportunity to lead this morning at the Veteran!

Jester Out

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