Back home at PHOP

    • When: 07/03/2019
    • QIC: Red October
    • The PAX: Red October, Gold Plate, Taken

3 of us got a little stronger this morning at PHOP. This was one of the first AO’s that I ever went to and was a staple until I started travelling so much during the week. I was in town this week and was honored that Gold Plate let me take the Q.


30 SSH, 15 Seal Jacks, 10 Slow Cherry Pickers, and some leg stretches.

The Thang:

We started on the far right parking lot and worked our way across.

Crab Walk to the first curb. 10 Erkins on the curb, 10 Merkins with one hand on the curb, switch to the other side of the small divider. 10 Derkins, 10 Merkins with the other hand on the curb.

Our Cindy’s were patiently waiting for us, so we did Cindy sliding bear crawl across from the median to the grass area.

We had 2 tires staged. 2 of us started flipping the 2 tires across the field while the other jail broke across the field and back. We rotated, so got a break from tire flipping every third man.

When we got across, we did a lap and came back to where we started.

Circle up for some burn out arms with Cindy’s (curls, chest presses, tricep extensions). After we burned that out, we switched to the lighter weight bricks and repeated the process.

Next we did a Bat Wing shoulder burn out. (Arm circles, raise the roofs, Moroccan Night Clubs, Overhead Press, Overhead Claps) All while never bringing our arms below 90 degrees.

Jog around the building to get to where we left the tires.

Reverse the process to get the tires back. (Flips with Jail Breaks, Bear Crawl with Cindy, Merkin routine on the curb, Crab Walk).

We had two minutes left, so finished with a quick ab lab.

Thank you brothers for the opportunity to lead and the excellent discussion about being there for each other.

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