Run and boot

    • When: 07/10/2019
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Reborn, Ponytail, Blueprint, Jester, Jelly, Ryder, Herbie

A strong group of 7 met up at BTC for a mixed run/boot workout.

Disclaimer given and we moseyed to a part of the parking lot with a little more light.


12 merkins IC

Plank and hold for about 30 sec


Carolina Dry docks IC

Mosey to the next corner of the parking lot.

Plank and hi fives with partners 12 IC

Squats 12 IC

Long mosey to 1st Baptist parking lot with lots of good mumble chatter during the run.  Jester and Reborn sprinted the entire distance or at least that what it seemed like (they were flying).

Next series of exercise we lined up on the line in the parking lot:

Bear crawl + 5 merkins every 2 lines

Mosey to end of parking lot

10 OYO Bomb jacks

12 IC Squats

25 IC Circle calf raises

The group had talked about doing some speed work in preparing for a half marathon, so I decided to add some speed work since it was on their mind.

Speed workout:  mosey for 2 light poles + sprint for 2 light poles + mosey for 2 light poles

Back to the parking lot lines:

Crabwalk + 5 dips every 2 lines

Repeated the speed workout: Mosey + sprint + mosey

12 IC Mountain climbers


We started a stroll back to the COT and I shared a word about courage and boldness.  I discussed the importance of speaking up when our conscience prompts us (whether it is from gossip/ inappropriate joking (that can hurt others) or when we see something that isn’t “right”.  Also, Ponytail talked about encouraging our brothers when we do see something good, not just speaking up when we see a wrong.  We all have spheres of influence where we have established rapport that allow us to speak into people (both with encouraging words, but also when we see something in someone’s life that is wrong).  A good HIM and man of integrity will have the boldness and courage to encourage and challenge a wrong when they see a wrong.

We finished up the run back to BTC and even did a little speedwork in the parking lot on the way back.

We met in the corner of the parking lot and did some ab lab.

12 IC dying cockroaches

25 IC flutter kicks

12 IC box cutters.

Mosey + sprint to the COT.   Prayers and announcements and we were all sweaty.  I always enjoy Q’ing and even wrote the backblast, which i haven’t been the greatest at lately.  Great group of guys, great conversation and a great workout.


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