Revisiting the word of the month – Character

    • When: 07/29/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Sandlot, Pescador, Ponytail, Catfish, Van Damme, Double Dutch, Chernobyl, White Hat, Big Fundamental, Samurai, Kodak, Jackhammer, Anchor Bar, Gold Plate, Fryin’ Pan, Slag, Kenyan, Chuckie, Zip Code and Jester

YHC had the pleasure of spending the morning at various times with different PAX as we had some that pre-ran, rucked, walked and booted at Independence in the gloom. If I’m not mistaken, there were two PAX that rucked (Gold Plate & Fryin’ Pan) and two PAX that walked (Anchor Bar and Chuckie). This leaves the remaining 16 PAX to venture out for the boot camp workout with YHC. Even though I dabble with numbers every day for a living, it would be wise to double check YHC’s math here! I’ll expand on this in a little bit based on a humbling experience of mine toward the beginning of my career.

Anyway, moving away from numbers and on to more fun stuff, here is how the whole thang went down:

Warm up at the COT:

  • Right over left; Left over right (10 count on each)
  • Windmills (10 in Cadence)
  • Plank Position into Downward Dog to Stretch Calves & Back (10 count) move back to Plank Position
  • Mountain Climbers – 10 in Cadence
  • Plank Jacks – 10 in Cadence

After the COT warm up, the PAX moseyed over to the front of the Burns Building for two sets of exercises. The first set of three exercises were as follows: (1) flutter kicks in cadence (10 – hands down, 10 – hands held up, and 10 – hands stretched straight behind the head); (2) step ups (10 each leg) and (3) lbc’s (50 in cadence). The PAX joined YHC in a mosey around the Burns Building and back to the front for a second round of three exercises: (1) derkins (10 in cadence), dips (10 in cadence) and erkins (10 in cadence).

The PAX then moseyed around the Burns Building again, but made a right turn at the Lady on the Bench and headed toward the coupon pile. The PAX partnered up and moseyed to the amphitheater from there.  Each partner did AMRAP’s of each of the following exercises (tricep extensions, rows, chest presses and curls) while their partner bear crawled the amphitheater and did one merkin on every other level and moseyed back down to their partnered and flipped until each partner cycled through each of the arm exercises.

Once completed, the PAX deposited the coupons back in the proper spot and YHC shared his thoughts on the word of the month. A couple weeks ago YHC had the pleasure of Q’ing at the Tavern. During the course of the workout, YHC had asked the PAX present to share one word they felt that embodied “character”. All of the PAX contributed and threw some stuff out there that hadn’t crossed YHC’s mind. This is the beauty of gaining perspective from others’ viewpoints. After the workout, YHC realized that he did not share a word. So, in bringing this up to the PAX at Independence, YHC shared his word…humility.

This brings me back to the double checking my math reference above. Early in YHC’s career while working within financial services, I had the fortune of working under a partner within the firm who was a really strong leader. I learned a ton about investments and insurance during my time at this firm, but many of the lessons I carry to this day stem from this individual’s leadership and how he handled all sorts of situations. One particular lesson came at the expense of a mistake I had made. I had missed something which in turn resulted in costing our client a “pretty penny”. I felt absolutely horrible once I realized the mistake. It was one of those instances where you just want to crawl into a hole and hope everything just blows over. Fortunately, as I mentioned, the partner I worked under was a really strong leader. He simply told me (in a calm manner) that we are all human and we all make mistakes. What makes a person is how they handle mistakes as they come up in life. So, he made me own it. He supported and backed me to make the situation whole with the client from a financial perspective, but it was on me to communicate the mistake to the client and explain how they were going to be made whole. As painful as it was to swallow my pride, suck it up and address the situation directly with the client, it was the right thing to do. I forget the lesson from time to time and get ahead of myself or should say get in the way of myself, but for the most part I do know I am not perfect and will continue to make mistakes throughout my life (sometimes on a daily basis it feels like), but I know I need to own it and make it right at the end of the day. This is all any of us can do really. As my old boss said, nobody is perfect. Well, there was one perfect human being to walk the earth, but they were crucified for it in order to pay for all of our mistakes.

We had about 10 minutes left to get back to the COT on time, so the PAX moseyed their way back to where we started and finished the morning out with some ab lab. We ended with prayers and announcements. In terms of announcements, Zip Code brought up the 5k color run in September at Westminster Park (I believe – check the newsletter). The run supports the Palmetto Women’s Center. Also, Catfish discussed the Journey coming to RoCo on Tuesday mornings so check the newsletter or reach out to Catfish on this opportunity. We ended in prayer and lifted prayers for those PAX who had prayer requests along with prayers that might not have been brought up openly.

Thank you Anchor Bar for the opportunity to lead this morning at Independence. I enjoyed it and greatly appreciated the invite!

Jester Out

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