Too many to count

    • When: 08/06/19
    • QIC: Blueprint
    • The PAX: Tombstone, Rasta, Ponytail (R), Shady, Italian Job, Jerry MacGuire, VanDamme, Stork, Scarecrow, Gold Plate (R), Twister (R), Van Wilder (R), Samurai (R), Congressman, Kodak, White Hat, Money Bags, Sandlot, Deputy Dog, Anchor Bar (R), Prodigal, Slag, Chernobyl, Blueprint

YHC arrived a little early to get a lay of the land and to decompress a little…  however, I was EH’d into a short mosey at the tail end of Ponytail and Sandlot’s pre-run.  It was great to get the juices flowing.  Once we got back to the AO, it quickly became evident that there was going to be quite a few HIM’s attend this workout (including some Fort and York guys).  After realizing I was blessed to have this many people come to my workout, I “omaha’d” a little to make it a little tougher than I had originally planned:

The Warm-Up:

15 SSH

15 Merkins

15 Seal Jacks

15 CDD

15 Plank Jacks

15 Shoulder Taps

Honeymooner, Downward dog and a 10-count of 6″

The Thang:

We mosied to the flag in front of Tillman for the pledge, then continued on to Byrnes Auditorium.  Here we partnered up and did burpees, lbc’s and squats.  We used our partner’s lap around the auditorium (.25 miles) as the timing mechanism.

Hopped over to Scholars Walk where we did some butt kickers, high knees, karaoke and lunges to the top of the stairs.  Here we separated into 2 separate groups.  Because we were such a large group I wanted to try and mix up who was together, so you had to be in the opposite group as your partner from the previous work out.  We went through each person in the group calling out an exercise to do, with them counting in cadence, as someone ran the loop at the bottom of the stairs.  We almost made it through everyone before it was time to mosey back to COT.

All in all I believe we got a little over 2 miles in and a ton of sweating.


Announcements, Prayers and Praises.

Quick message and random thoughts:

I think its becoming more and more important that the next group of PAX take the reins a little when it comes to Q’ing workouts and leading.  Maybe its time for another Q school… we have planted, now lets sit back and watch it grow again.  We have become a little stagnant with the same ol’, same ol’.  Lets get back to our roots.  Do backblasts!  Care for each other.  EH some guys. Be positive.

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”  Joe Paterno 

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