BTC Sweat-fest Compliments of Mother Nature

    • When: 08/14/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Blueprint, Ponytail, Prodigal and Jester

You know it is going to be a sweat-fest no matter what the plan is when you take the first step out of the door at 0430 in the gloom and your glasses fog up immediately! YHC was excited about being back at BTC this morning as it has been quite some time since YHC has posted at this AO. Two PAX were already on the scene when your YHC arrived at the BTC building.  One more arrived just as the 0500 hour approached. Sadly, in poor form, YHC forgot the usual F3 disclaimer to kick things off. Fortunately, the PAX present were all seasoned veterans. After some short stretching, the four PAX moseyed over to the York Tech College court yard area where the following thang went down:

  • Mosey around York Tech College (1 mile loop) and held up at the court yard bench area after each loop:
    • After 1st Lap – 30 Burpees (OYO)
    • After 2nd Lap – 25 of each (OYO): V-Ups, Flutters (single count) & Freddy Mercury’s (single count)
    • After 3rd Lap – 20 of each (OYO): Erkins, Dips & Derkins
    • After 4th Lap – 15 of each (OYO): Step Ups (single count), Low Slow Squats & Calf Raises

* Equalizer – PAX choice once each lap is completed. PAX could choose to go back and pick up the Six before starting the listed exercise or they could start the listed exercise and stop once the Six finished their set. Choice was theirs  if they desired more miles or more boot in the allotted time.

The PAX wrapped the above thang up with a few minutes to spare. This gave us enough time to get back to the COT for a short word. Usually, a day or two before Q’ing, YHC reflects a little on scripture to see what gets placed on his heart to speak about. YHC did not have scripture in hand this morning though due to events that unfolded the day before at another AO. Based on this, even though PAX present are fully aware of running safety measures (YHC has even been present when these PAX have brought safety up at other workouts), YHC felt just an old fashion reminder/refresher may be good to hear. YHC talked about making sure to run on the left side of the road and try and be equipped with blinky lights to make sure you are as visible as possible to oncoming traffic. Also, and probably most importantly, run with your head up so your vision is out in front of you and not at your feet. YHC brings this part up because YHC is guilty of it. YHC has noticed on runs as fatigue starts to set in that form starts to suffer. In YHC’s case that means looking more down at the road instead of up and out in front. YHC has been called out on it and appreciates being called out on it. Lastly, just because you may have right of way when approaching an intersection based on how the red and green lights are set, don’t assume traffic will fall in line and be aware in looking in all directions as you are approaching the intersection and running through the intersection as to what traffic is doing. We have lifted prayers this past year at COT’s for sad, unfortunate incidents that have resulted in runners being struck be vehicles. So, please be safe out there as I hope and pray that similar prayers will not need to be lifted in the future.


  • Shield Lock Invergence (Aug. 26th thru Aug. 30th)
  • Speed for Need at the Gobble Wobble
  • Shield Lock Annual Cornhole Tournament on Sept. 28th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm-isg with location TBD (more to come on this)

A big thank you to Blueprint for the opportunity to run some loops with some fantastic Rock Region PAX this morning at BTC!

Jester Out

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