Another Example of “More Than a Workout”

    • When: 09/14/19
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Red October, Peach, Darth, Brangelina, Cornerstone, Fryin' Pan, Sub-Zero, Bobby Fisher and Jester

Before YHC goes into the usual formalities of the back blast, YHC wanted to take a moment to thank all the HIM’s who have posted at the Patriot the past few weeks. Historically, YHC has not been one to post on weekends unless it is a really early run before my family wakes up with my shield lock partner as this time for the most part belongs to my family. For those who have 2.0’s transitioning into middle school, my thoughts and prayers are with you!

My son (Bobby Fisher) and daughter (Sunshine) have had a rough go the past few weeks making this transition. So, three weeks ago when my son was feeling really down, YHC thought he would “volun-tell” him to come with me to a workout on Saturday morning. He likes to run so YHC decided on the Patriot as Sullivan Middle School has the track right there. So, I’ve been able to have one-on-one time before the workout to run and work on making sure our bond improves (or at least try) as he begins to navigate what looks to be a challenging situation in the hopes he will confide in me as challenges do arise because we all know they do.

Anyway, the one-on-one time has been great, but YHC thinks the workout and seeing guys come together bounding and encouraging one another through the Gloom in a positive manner has been even more influential for my son. His mood has seemed to improve and he has commented on various things after attending the workouts. And, YHC doesn’t have to “volun-tell” him to come now as he asks me about whether or not we’re going to F3 on the weekend.  So, thank you very much for being the HIM’s that you are and the impact you are not only having on me, but now my son as well!

OK…on to the thang now:

The disclaimer was disclaimed for the 7 PAX that showed up to par take in the boot camp. We had 2 additional PAX on hand at the COT when things wrapped up:

  • The Warm Up:
    • Right over Left; Left over Right (10 Count Each Leg)
    • Windmills – 10 in Cadence
    • Plank Position into Downward Dog to Stretch Calves & Back (10 count) move back to Plank Position
    • Mountain Climbers – 15 in Cadence
    • Plank Jacks – 15 in Cadence
    • Moroccan Night Clubs – 15 in Cadence
  • Moseyed to the Cindy pile in the front of Sullivan Middle School – We partnered up for the following exercises: overhead presses (80), tricep extensions (100), and curls (120). While one partner worked through the reps, the other partner looped around the parking lot and flap jacked until the full count was achieved.
  • Moseyed to Cherry Park Elementary parking lot where cones where set up 10 yards apart out to 50 yards. PAX lined up and NURed to the first cone and cranked out 10 burpees and moseyed back to the starting point. This pattern continued for all five cones with the burpee count going from 10 to 8 to 6 to 4 to 2 at each of the cones.
  • Moseyed to the Sullivan Middle School drop off line and partnered up for some more Dora 1,2,3’s involving core work. Partners worked through the following exercises: box cutters (80), flutters (100), and crunchy frogs (120). While one partner worked through the reps, the other partner looped around the parking lot and flap jacked until the full count was achieved.
  • Back to COT for Merkin Ring of Fire. PAX worked their way up to a 5 count.

SIDE NOTE: During the course of the workout, all PAX par took in Apache 10 counts. YHC greatly appreciates all PAX telling their stories; YHC feels this had a big impact on my son based on his mood and comments the rest of the day!

We did wrap up a few minutes prior to the top of the hour which left some time for a few words. The word of the month is “bearing” as in “bear with each other in love, humility and gentleness”. Upon the newsletter coming out and reading the word of the month write up by Chuckie, the Golden Rule has been on my mind.  In Matthew 7:12, we read “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” YHC has nothing against this verse and feel it is a wonderful way to approach our day to day interactions with folks we come across and do not know.

YHC shared with the PAX a version of the Golden Rule that I came across in a business ethics class in business school a number of years ago. I believe I have come across this version labeled as the “Platinum Rule” since then.  It is pretty much the same premise as the Golden Rule with minor tweaks to the wording. It goes something like, “do unto others and they would do unto themselves”. The reason YHC likes this version is because to me the slight tweak from “you” to “they” forces a relational component to get to know someone in order to be able to treat them how they would want to be treated. I used the examples of my wife, my children and colleagues at work. There are so many instances in interacting with the above mentioned people in my life where I have engaged situations/conversations in a manner in which I would want to be treated or spoken to. Unfortunately, my wife, my children and my colleagues at work do not always respond well to how I would want to be engaged or communicated with for something. When I have been able to take a step back and get over myself when engaged in a challenging conversation, the conversations have generally gone better when I’ve approached it from their standpoint and how they would want to be spoken to or engaged. This is one of those things where it is much easier to say then do (at least in my case). So, in bearing with people that are in your life on a regular basis (i.e., wife, children, colleagues, etc.), I challenge you to try and take that step back and treat someone how they would want to be treated.

Thank you Red October for the opportunity this past weekend!

Jester Out

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