Welcome to the October Octagon- A Rock Region Q vs Q challenge

    • When: October and November
    • QIC: 16 men
    • The PAX: Any who are willing to show up

Picture this:

A group of men gather early in the morning. These men are driven to sharpen one another through a friendly workout led by one of their own.

But suddenly there is a problem. Through some sort of clerical error there are two men signed up to lead this workout. Being “reasonable” men, they decide to split the workout in half. One man leads the first half of the workout, the other leads the second.

But we are competitive by nature. Both of the workout leaders think that the other is doing a better job motivating the men, so they each keep elevating their game until the whole thing becomes a massive snot woggle. 

 If this sounds like something you might like, then welcome to the October Octagon!

Essentially the concept is this:

16 Qs compete in a bracket in a best of one tournament by bringing their absolute worst beat down for 20 minutes. Winners, determined by the PAX at the COT, advance to the next round and Q again until we have just a single Q left as the Q vs Q champion.

Who: the first 16 PAX to sign up to lead

Who else: All men of the Rock Region and beyond are encouraged to attend and vote

What: A Q vs Q tournament

When: From early October until only one man is left standing

Where: Boot-camp, gear, and kettle bell AOs of the Rock Region

Why: To continue the acceleration of our first F. But mostly because we can.

Sign up using the link below. Only the first 16 to sign up will make the competition. Use the second question to help me understand what your availability is so we can try to work around work/FIA/or anything else.


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