Impact Challenge – First Challenge

    • When: 10/27/19
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: All the Pax of the Region


We were invited to particpate in the F3 Impact Challenge by our brothers in Savannah. The Impact Challenge is the 3rd F answer to the Iron Pax Challenge. It consists of two challenges that each span two weeks. We are moving into week 2 of the first challenge. We’ve heard there are two needs in our community that I’d challenge us to finish this week.


  1. Roxanne has gotten together money for a project on Blackmon Rd. He is around $75.00 short to get this project completed. Let’s finish this project this week–you can get cash to Roxanne, Socrates, or PacMan.
  2. We’ve learned of a need that CAH has for snacks for their residents. They need individually packaged snacks that teenagers will eat. Let’s fill up my living room and Tinker Toy’s truck with these snacks. See YHC, Pac Man or Tinker Toy to deliver snacks.

These projects are scored by a committee of judges. Let’s show this committee of judges how we do it in Rock Hill!!!



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