Doracides at the JOC

    • When: 11/20/2019
    • QIC: Big Papi
    • The PAX: Mayhem, Big Papi, Lockpick, Hawkeye (R), River Rat, Kenyan (R), Destiny, White Hat, Deacon, Gold Plate (R)

10 HIM’s of the Rock Region/Fort Region gathered today at JOC on this balmy Wednesday morning to sharpen iron and enjoy the Gloom.   There were no FNG’s in the Gloom today so YHC shared a quick disclaimer and began with a quick warm-up which included SSH,  Windmills and Merkins.

The Thang-

Trail Runners went to run, IR PAX walked and the rest moseyed to the upper parking lot where YHC and Gold Plate unloaded some Cindys and 6X10 posts earlier.

We partnered up and picked up the 6×10 posts and walked across the parking lot alternating shoulders and over the head, turned around and repeated and through in a few arm curls (which by the way were very awkward to do)

YHC then introduced the DORACIDE (Dora’s twin sister and she’s a little cray cray)

Partner 1 will do suicides with Cindy in hand (YHC laid out 3 cones for the suicides) Partner 2 does said exercise until Partner 1 is done with suicides then switch.

Exercises were:

100 Amercian Hammers with Cindy

200 Squats with Cindy

300 LBC with Cindy

In between the pain we each took turns telling the other PAX about ourselves.

We had about 10 minutes to spare and loaded Gold Plates truck with the Gear with the help of the IR team.  We headed back to the COT and YHC called out Jail break and White Hat took off like the wind and sprinted all the way back, YHC tried to keep up but failed miserably.

We had a few minutes to spare for some AB lab and did:


Big Boy sit ups

Box Cutters

Announcements were made and prayers and praises were said.  Kenyan thanked everyone for all the support that F3 has shown him and his family during this difficult time.  No thanks needed Kenyan you are our brother and we love you.

Thank you for letting me lead, the JOC is an absolute GEM and if you have not been here make it a point.  I will leave you with one of Taylor’s (Kenyans Daughters) favorite quotes:





– Virgil

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