Big mac’s 1yr Q at N@M

    • When: 11/25/19
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Slow pitch, skylander, Big Papi, Fryin Pan, Pac Man, Training wheels, Reborn, Zalinsky, Pot toast, BigMac, Newton, Red October, O’riley

An anniversary is a good time to stop and look around. To see where you have come from and to prepare for where you are headed. Tonight was my 1yr anniversary at the very place my name was given to me!

It started out with a little pre run / set up for the mayhem that was about to ensue!

Getting back to the COT as cars were rolling in, the hugs , fist bumps and mumble chatter warmed my heart on this chilly evening! The clock struck 7:30 and the show begins. No FNGs , so the disclaimer was condensed. A welcome and introduction and we were off:


20 SSH – IC, 15 imperial walkers IC , 14- hillbilly walkers IC, 10- cherry pickers


Mozied down to the school parking lot where YHC set up his first round of 4-corners:

Carolina dry docks, squats, wide merkins, diamond merkins. Rinsed and repeated at intervals of 20-15-10-5

Mozied to track which was unlit. Circled up:

” YHC does not normally have many words during his q’s. But this is special! What do you see around you? The dark, no to the left and the right of you there is light, these men are the light that get you through the dark. Any of the accomplishment I have had throughout this year is not just an accomplishment for me, it is more of an accomplishment for each and every one of you. My joy is not of my own but it is a shared joy!…….. Now take a lap”

After the lap , proceeded to basketball court for another 4 corners:

jump squats, knuckle merkins, lunges, Bonnie Blair’s in interval 20,15,10,5

Mozied around to front, 10 donkey kicks oyo and a 10ct BTW Mozied back to COT for a 4 count of standing jack Webb’s and called it there!

2.23 miles and a lot of fun

The NMM:

prayers and praises lifted up to our lord and savior , announcements

“ we are not lonely pillars in the sand, but Columns that hold up the fortress of God!”

till next time !!!

Big Mac out

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