A Time of Thanks. A Season of Giving. The Choo Choo Challenge

    • When: 11/28/2019
    • QIC: Fryin'Pan, Peach, Red October, and Kindergarten Cop
    • The PAX: The Rock Region in support of the York Region

Brothers, we often hear that F3 is more than a workout, that the Fellowship and Faith are where the magic happens.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to positively impact a Brother in all three phases of F3.  Such an opportunity presents itself now with Shohn Krepps – F3 ChooChoo.

ChooChoo was an active F3 Brother in the York Region.  Unfortunately, his prosthetic limb has proved unable to withstand the wear and tear of running and boot camp workouts.  As a result, ChooChoo has been an infrequent poster for some time now.  The York Region Pax has worked to raise funds for ChooChoo over the past months, now we want to come alongside them in their efforts this season of giving.

The Challenge: Raise a combined $4000+ to help ChooChoo purchase a running-specific prosthetic.

The When: Between the F3 Rock Region Thanksgiving Convergence (Nov 28th, 2019) and the F3 Rock Region Christmas Party (Dec 7th, 2019), funds to be distributed mid-December.

The How: If 100 PAX attending the upcoming Rock Region events were led to donate $25, look at how we could move the needle towards this goal.

New donations + Existing donations + ShieldLock Match donation = $4000.

The Why: Rarely do we have the opportunity to touch the life of someone in a way that affects all 3Fs, much less see that positive, transformative, impact revisited.  Let’s come together on this effort of supporting our F3 York Brothers in supporting one of our own this holiday season.

We have talked about Abundance many times this past month.  Are you ready to make a difference?

Fryin’ Pan

Venmo – @TCBrinkley

PayPal – tcbrinkley05@gmail.com

Make personal checks payable to either Todd C. Brinkley or Scott Allman, Memo Line – FBO Choo Choo Challenge

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