Word of the Year at Old Town

    • When: 12/02/19
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Walker (R), Ponytail (R), Lock Pick, Jester, Honeypot, Schrute, Bill Nye, Burgundy, Mayhem, Deacon, Reborn

Thank you to the 10 PAX who showed up at Old Town on this beautiful gloom to sharpen iron and push each other. It was a blessing to be back at this AO as it has been a while since I have been able to attend. It was even more special to be able to Q the Workout.


We began the morning with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, Merkins, and 10 6-Count Burpees. We then took a mosey over to the fountain for a round of the following all in cadence: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, & Derkins (Regular, Wide-Arm, and Diamond).


After this everyone was pretty much warm, so we headed over to the backside of the hot box. At the bottom we began with 10 Merkins; went up half a level to the other entrance for 10 Carolina Dry Docks; up half a level for 10 Jump Squats; up for 10 Staggered Merkins; up for 10 Staggered Merkins (other arm forward); up for 20 Jump Lunges (10 each leg); up for 10 Blast Off Merkins (Mike Tysons); up for 10 Big Boy Sit-ups; up for 10 Burpees; then ran back down the steps on the southeast side of the deck. Upon arrival at the bottom, YHC told the PAX the goal now was to do the same routine as many times as possible from then until YHC said stop.

There was a request though: once you made it to the top you were to go back to the 6 and finish the round with them. So, go as fast as possible to reach the top, pick up the 6 and finish with them, run down the steps together, and start over again. I believe by the time YHC said stop the PAX did this routine 4 times.

Then we started back toward the COT and stopped by a wall on the way for some people’s chair with head, shoulders, knees & toes and some low slow squats: all in cadence.

Then we headed back to the COT where Honeypot led us in some Flutters to end the workout.


Today is the first Monday of December 2019. There are 5 Mondays in this month. For the past three years YHC (and others in the Region and Nation) have had a Word of the Year. Mine have been Love (2017), Gratitude (2018), and Patience (this year). When you state a Word of the Year and write it down, SkyQ allows things in your life that will test your dedication to that word.

This past year was patience for me and there have been multiple times I could name now where my patience was tried and tried hard. SkyQ            knows our hearts and knows what we need to grow as HIM.

So, today I challenge all Rock Region PAX to come up with a Word of the Year. This is not something to be taken lightly. Pray about it, think about it, write it down. Come up with something that you know deep down you need to be better at.

My word in 2020 is Grace. I don’t need more Grace as I have plenty of that. I need to show Grace just as much as I have received it.

What will your 2020 Word of the Year be?


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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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