Impact at Bethel Men’s Shelter

    • When: 01/01/20
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: All Interested F3 PAX

Here in York County there is an estimated 350 people living homeless. Some are in unfortunate times of their lives; some are mentally challenged; some are under the burden of alcoholism or drug abuse; and some are chronically homeless. ALL ARE HOMELESS! This is something we cannot change, but it is something we need to be aware of.

As far as I know, the PAX of our Region are able to go to a home each night and sleep in a bed that is your own. Could you imagine going to a place each night first not knowing exactly if you will get in, and second not knowing which bed you will be in that night? This is what the homeless feel every day as the sun starts to set.

Bethel Men’s Shelter serves the homeless men of York County, primarily Rock Hill. Since April 1, 2019 they have served a total of 140 men by giving them a meal each night and a warm place to lay their head. Bethel relies solely on volunteers to prepare or purchase these meals, serve them, eat with the men, and clean up each night.

We (including our families) have to awesome opportunity to start serving this ministry in the New Year. Serving at Bethel Men’s Shelter has been discussed with the Leadership of our Region, and it has been determined this will be our primary community impact focus. We will begin by serving a meal (dinner at this time until we have formed good relationships) on the second Tuesday of each month through the entire year of 2020.

YHC will be asking for Q’s to lead each month to determine the meal plan and get others to help. The meals are served from 1800-1900 and the kitchen is available for use from 1730-2000 each night.

Meals can either be bought prepared, catered, or prepared by the Q and others involved. Unfortunately, at this time, food preparation is done off-site. However, we have made arrangements with Park Baptist Church in Old Town to use their kitchen facilities for food preparation if necessary. Bethel has a gas grill just outside of the kitchen for use if the Q decides to grill.

The Q will be the lead in gathering funds for the meals from either other PAX or from the Region. This should begin as soon as the previous meal is over to ensure enough support has been raised to fund the meals. The range of men served each night is from 35-60 depending on the weather. Right now plan for 60 men + those serving.

Ideas for meals are fried chicken & fixings; spaghetti; lasagna; soups and bread; hamburgers & hot dogs; BBQ; etc. These are men and they will enjoy anything.

This in no way means there are not other opportunities available to us in our Region that we can be involved in, and I want to encourage you all to follow your heart where SkyQ leads you.

F3’s Mission is to Plant, grow, & serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our ultimate goal at Bethel is to show love to these men first to invigorate them to be the leaders they are called to be. The hope is to start a workout group with the willing men of the shelter one day, but relationships must be formed prior to that happening.

Please pray, talk it over with your family, and consider serving in this capacity. You never know what kind of Impact you may have on another man who might need to know he is loved regardless of his situation.

Below is a signup for us to start filling out to lead in our community. Our Region is signed up to serve the second Tuesday of each month beginning in January. The first date it Jan. 14, 2020. Please sign up today to Q, prepare the food, and serve. We need approximately 10 people each time we go. Sign up all PAX and M’s who are helping to have an accurate count.


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