Fellowship + Accountability = Acceleration

    • When: 12/27/19
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: Jelly, JAG, Mayhem, Iron Sights, Jester, Schrute

Simple workout today. Run from Fountain Park to the road just past the bridge on Charlotte Ave, take a left, left on Oakland, left on Main, back to Fountain Park. Repeat for 45 minutes.

Good work by all of the Pax. Special shoutout to Blueprint for providing the Port-a-John just off the running course.


Jelly said something to me that really stuck with me today. Sir Purr was trying to find a Q last night for today, and I said I’d step up and lead. Jelly said the following, “When you said you’d be here, that made me come out because I knew someone would be here to run with.”

This is so true for all of us–if it were up to each of us, we wouldn’t post. But knowing another guy is going to be there should encourage us to post. Knowing a guy is on Q should encourage us further, because that guy has committed to being there. Shouldn’t we make the same commitment?

My challenge to each of us is this: Post to support your brother. Don’t post for you, post for them. Of course, you’ll be better, but so will they. As I said last week to some guys, transformation doesn’t happen without a relationship. (Reborn reminded us at BnB today of a word of the year, and this phrase keeps popping up to me….)

As always, a privilege to lead today.



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